Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Park, San Jose Thursday, August 10, 2017

There are so many interesting things to paint at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum Park. The Egyptian Museum is architecturally inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak in Egypt and houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts on display in Western North America. The planetarium is of Moorish design to honor the important contribution of Arab astronomers.  The Peace Garden is authentic to the Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt.  The garden contains so many fountains, statues, flowers, and trees that we could return to again and again without running out of things to paint. The day started out cloudy, the sun came out before noon, and the temperature was just warm enough to make for a lovely day.
Link to Egyptian Museum
Link to Rosicrucian Park

Iris's painting of planetarium of Moorish design


Toni's painting of a most unusual tree

Salinda and Dick in the Planetarium garden

Salinda's painting of Pythagoras statue

Dick's painting of Pythagoras statue

Ji-eun and Lisha

Lisha's painting of statue

Cindy at the Egyptian Museum entrance

Cindy's unfinished painting of ram statues and Museum entrance


Grace's painting of Egyptian Museum


Joy's painting of fountain

Laurie and Candy

Laurie's painting of fountain and sphinx

Candy's painting of fountain

Candy's sketch of artists and sphinx

Marilyn's painting of fountain

Salinda's painting of the fountain

Dick's detail of a fountain lion

Mary in the Peace Garden with Egyptian museum in the background

Annie with orange dragonfly in the Peace Garden

Annie's painting of water lily in the Peace Garden

Candy's painting of water lily and koi in the Peace Garden

Artists lunch under the "Mother of Shade Trees"

Marilyn showing paintings

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park, CA Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Allied Arts Guild was designed and built by artists, for artists, starting in 1929 and still attracts and enchants artists seeking some serene tranquility.  Our watercolor artists especially enjoyed the Court of Abundance, aka the Yellow Garden, the Garden of Delight, aka the Blue Garden, the Rose Allee, and all of the beautiful flowers, trees, and fountains.

It was an uncharacteristically hot and humid day.  For our comfort it was good that it was cloudy, but this meant there were no natural shadows so we had to imagine where they would be.  This was much better than two months ago when we cancelled due to rain.

This was a first in my experience with the paintsite group -- as we were chatting enthusiastically we were very politely but firmly asked to please keep the noise down.  Not knowing that a music class was beginning, a group of us had set up just outside the open window of the music class for children ages 0-5.  As soon as we were aware of the situation, we kept quiet, and were rewarded with delightful choruses of music, a very pleasant accompaniment for our painting.

Link to Allied Arts website

View of the Court of Abundance, a favorite scene for our artists.

John's painting of Court of Abundance

Broncha's painting of Court of Abundance

Lorraine's first painting of Court of Abundance

Lorraine's second painting of yellow flowers in the Court of Abundance

Marilyn's painting of Court of Abundance

Liz sketching in the Court of Abundance

Liz's painting from the garden

Iris's painting of the entrance

Susan's painting of the Entry Arch leading to the Court of Abundance

Christine's painting of the rose trellis

Kathy in the garden

Kathy's painting of the Garden of Delight

Mary in the garden

Mary's painting of a tree in the garden

Helen and Leslie

An abundance of flowers in the Court of Abundance

Helen's painting of dahlias

Helen's painting of the barn, now the Woodworking Shop

Leslie's painting of the barn

Liz's painting of the barn

Jane P's painting of the barn 

Salinda's painting of flowers in the Court of Abundance

Dick's painting of plant and pot installation

Artists in shade by the music room

Critique and discussion