Sunday, September 15, 2019

Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, Thursday, September 12, 2019

Over the years we have painted many times on the beautiful grounds of Rosicrucian Park.  Here is some information from two videos by Grand Master Julie Scotts who speaks about the Rosicrucian Order and the history of the Park.

  • The Rosicrucian Order is a philosophical and educational organization whose members study topics which are related to natural laws, in an attempt to live in harmony with these laws.  The order was founded by H. Spencer Lewis in 1915, but they trace their historical lineage through the alchemists, the medieval mystics, back to the mystery schools of ancient Greece and Egypt.
  • The headquarters of the Rosicrucian Order was moved to its current location in San Jose in Rosicrucian Park in 1927.
  • The Rosicrucian Planetarium was built because the founder wanted to introduce the mysteries of space and astronomy to people.  It was built during the Great Depression, as only the fifth planetarium constructed in the United States.
  • The Rosicrucian Research Library was constructed in 1939 and contains many books including  the Rosicrucian manifestos from 1614 - 1616. 
  • The current Egyptian Museum was built in 1966, built to resemble the temple of Amun at Karnak.  The museum began with one small artifact on the founder's desk, the lionheaded goddess Sehkmet, but today it houses the largest collection of authentic Ancient Egyptian artifacts on display in western North America.
  • The Peace Garden which is authentic to the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt was dedicated in 2004.
  • The Alchemy Garden was built in 2013.  It is divided into four different sections related to Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  All of the plants in the Fire section have red bark, berries, or leaves, or their growth is stimulated by Fire.  The Earth section has poppies and lavender and plants that can be used in the Alchemy Lab in the yet to be completed Alchemy Museum.
  • The building that will house the Alchemy Museum was built in 1934 as Rose-Croix University. The Alchemy Exhibit inside the Egyptian Museum which opened in 2015 will be expanded and moved into the Alchemy Museum.
The weather was hot and sunny and we artists were very happy for all of the trees which provided shade to keep us comfortable.

For more information about the Park including the videos summarized above, visit:

Upcoming Paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the September/October Newsletters for details:

  • Thursday, Sept 19, Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park
  • Saturday, Sept 21, Edenvale Gardens Regional Park / Hayes Mansion, San Jose
  • Thursday, Sept 26, Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz
  • Thursday, Oct 3, Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont
  • Thursday, Oct 10, Los Altos History Museum with potluck at member's home
  • Thursday, Oct 17, To Be Announced
  • Thursday, Oct 24, Sawyer Camp Trail, San Mateo County
  • Thursday, Oct 31, Triton Museum Grounds, Santa Clara
Artists and their artwork:

Edward's painting of the Research Library

Kaaren admires Annie's sketch in the Peace Garden

Annie's painting of the Peace Garden reflecting pool

Kaaren's painting of lotus flowers in the Peace Garden

Cindy had just completed an SCVWS workshop on abstract painting
and she designed her lotus flower painting using techniques from that class.

Wanda's painting of pampas grass

Linda P.

Linda's colorful painting of the fountain in the Alchemy Garden


Jayne's two-page journal spread of the fountain in the Alchemy Garden

Charlene painted with us for the first time.
Here is her painting of an Egyptian Temple.


Sham's painting of an Egyptian Temple

John sits in front of the massive columns of the building
which will house the Alchemy Museum

John's unfinished painting of Egyptian architecture

Joe's painting of an Egyptian figure and architecture
Pythagoras was born in Greece, lived 570-490 BCE, and influenced astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, and philosophy - especially the Rosicrucian Tradition.  In astronomy he was either the first or one of the first two to teach that the earth was spherical.  He was the first to identify the morning star and evening star as the same celestial object which we now know as the planet Venus.


Benay's painting of Pythagoras with the Planetarium
in the background

Thursday paintsite co-coordinator Marilyn

Marilyn's painting of Pythagoras with the
Planetarium in the background



Indira's painting of the Planetarium


Elaine's painting of an obelisk, a three-quarter-size replica
of the original which stood before the Sun Temple at Heliopolis.

Rich with his subject material in the background

Rich's painting of an Egyptian Sphinx

Brad's painting of a statue of Egyptian goddess Sekhmet.
This is not the small artifact which started the Egyptian
Museum, but instead a garden statue of the same goddess.

We welcome Kathy back to paint with us for the second time.

Artists admiring the paintings

The artists are getting organized to start the critique.  We welcomed the
shade of a very dense tree to keep us cool for lunch.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Emerald Lake Country Club, Redwood City, Thursday, September 5, 2019

It was just a delight to paint at Emerald Lake again and to have this private oasis all to ourselves.  Thank you very much, Andre Boudin, for being our extremely gracious host.  With so much recreational equipment, slide, diving platform, beach toys, kayak, pedal boat, colorful beach chairs, etc, it was easy to imagine all the fun the Country Club members and their guests could enjoy during the lake's regular season of Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The Country Club including the 1.75 acre lake also features a sleep over for children, comedy night for adults, opera night featuring singers from the San Francisco Opera, a cardboard boat race, and art projects for children.  Usually only members of the Country Club are permitted to use the lake and memberships sell out very quickly, but thanks to introductions from SCVWS member Chris, we were allowed to paint there.  We took full advantage of the opportunity and were happy for the perfect weather.

For more information about Emerald Lake Country Club, visit:

Upcoming Paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the September Newsletter for details:

  • Thursday, Sept 12, Rosicrucian Museum Park, San Jose
  • Thursday, Sept 19, Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park
  • Saturday, Sept 21, Edenvale Gardens Regional Park / Hayes Mansion, San Jose
  • Thursday, Sept 26, Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz

Artists and their artwork, clockwise around the lake:

We had Emerald Lake all to ourselves.

Annie's painting of the lake scene


Sham's painting of the lake and lakeshore


Tanvi's painting of the lakeshore

Tanvi's floral painting

Mindy's painting of the lawn chairs all lined up
and ready for a string of people to watch the
activities on the lake

Mindy holds her painting with her subject
material in the background.

Indira's painting of the lakeshore


Lauren captured many of the recreational
opportunities on the lake.

Lauren had a very comfortable painting location on the bench.

Thursday paintsite co-coordinator Marilyn's painting 
of the slide and its reflection in the water

 Marilyn also had a very comfortable painting location on the bench.

Three ducks came to visit Lauren, Marilyn, and Wendy.

Wendy's painting of the diving platform

Some of them are sort of hidden, but there are seven
artists in this photo, five on the sandy beach and
two on the overlook by the Totem Pole.

Sunny's painting of the lake scene

Sunny painting her lake scene

Elaine's painting of the slide and its reflection

Elaine waving from her overlook by the Totem Pole

Kaaren's painting of the lake scene


Lavonne included three lake scenes on
one sketchbook page


Linda P.'s painting of the lake scene

Linda P.

Helen's painting of the lake scene

Anne spotted a turtle swimming by the lakeshore.

Xueling's painting of the diving platform

Xeuling and her painting with the diving platform in the distance.
Xeuling's painting is a mirror image of this view of the diving platform
because she stood on the far side of the platform to paint.

Thank you to Kaaren for leading the sharing of our artwork.  She did an
excellent job of leading the discussion.  She pointed out the best things of
each painting and occasionally mentioned something that could still be 
done to make the painting even better.