Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pumpkin Patch at Martial Cottle CP, San Jose, Weekend Paintsite Saturday October 14, 2017

There were pumpkins galore at the Pumpkin Patch at Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle County Park in San Jose.  After all the smoke we have had from the North Bay fires (the Thursday paintsite at this pumpkin patch had to be cancelled due to unhealthy air quality), it was a delightful surprise that the skies were clear and free of smoke for the Saturday paintsite.  The bright blue skies made a beautiful color contrast to the orange pumpkins.

Link to Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle County Park

Pumpkins and gourds

Alison's painting of pumpkins and an old farm truck

Jayne and many pumpkins

Jayne's journal page

Mary P with her painting and the old farm truck

Mary P's painting of pumpkins and the old farm truck

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve, Thursday, October 5, 2017

Another sunny day but this time we were kept company by a welcoming breeze from the Bay. The air was fairly clear which made for some spectacular views of the marshland against a backdrop of the Diablo Range to the East or the Santa Cruz Mountains to the West.  Whether situated on one of the trails or on the boardwalk, painters were treated in either direction with panoramic views of mountains, numerous species of salt marsh vegetation and shorebirds.

Link to Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve

Palo Alto Baylands looking east

Palo Alto Baylands Eco Center

Palo Alto Baylands at low tide

Palo Alto Baylands at high tide


Anu’s painting of the Baylands looking west

Anu’s second painting of the Baylands 

Lorraine’s view of the Baylands from the boat launch


Martha’s painting of a Bayland’s hiker


Toni’s view of the salt marsh and the East Bay Hills

Leslie’s pen and ink sketch of the Duck Pond

Leslie’s pen and ink sketch of the Interpretive Center

Leslie’s painting of the salt marsh and the East Bay Hills

Susan B-G’s painting of the marsh and East Bay Hills

Susan B-G’s painting of the marsh and the Santa Cruz Mtns

Jane's painting of a eucalyptus tree

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Santa Cruz Paint-Out, Thursday, September 28, 2017

There is so much to see and paint at the west side of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor: many moored vessels, colorful sailboats in dry storage, kayaks, paddle boards and people enjoying them.  The boats have easy access to Monterey Bay as they travel past the breakwater and the little lighthouse.  To the west of the breakwater is Seabright State Beach with a view of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

It was a wonderful day for the SCVWS artists. The weather was beautiful with blue skies and a light breeze to ruffle the reflections, warm but not too hot. Master watercolor artist and teacher of the "Beyond the Obvious" SCVWS watercolor workshop, Mike Bailey, painted with us.  All three of the Thursday paintsite coordinators, Brad, Jane, and Marilyn, were together for the first time since January.  Marilyn was so happy to see Brad and Jane again.

The artists showed their good nature and resourcefulness when the planned potluck venue was unexpectedly unavailable.  Karen solved the venue problem by getting permission to use Aldo's restaurant's chairs after their temporary lawn location closed at 3 PM, and she provided a card table to hold food, so we set up under a couple of trees right by the harbor.  We are so lucky that she carries a card table, just in case she needs it for painting. Everyone pitched in to carry chairs and no one complained when they had to pay more to park longer.  Having solved the venue problem, Karen led her usual gentle and entertaining critique of our day's work. 

Altogether a very fun day.  The paintings are arranged from North to South or in other words, from inland to Monterey Bay.

Link to Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor website

Cindy's painting of the harbor


Mike's painting of boats and reflections

Karen's first abstract painting

Karen's second abstract painting

Jane P.

Jane P's painting of sailboats in the harbor

Jane P.'s painting of  colorful sailboats in dry storage

Jane S., paintsite co-coordinator, just back from her summer home.  Welcome back!

John's painting of sailboat

Candy showing her progress on her first painting

Candy's first painting

Alison, weekend paintsite coordinator, in front of colorful kayaks

Alison's painting

Row of artists seeking shade of trees on Atlantic Ave with view of the harbor



Annie's painting of boats in the harbor

Annie's sketch of boats in the harbor

Brad, paintsite co-coordinator on leave of absence.
Welcome back!  It was such a delightful surprise to see you!
We hope you can paint with us again soon.

Lois at Seabright State Beach

Broncha at Seabright State Beach

Broncha's painting of the beach, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz wharf

Susan B-G with breakwater and lighthouse in the background

Susan B-G's painting of Monterey Bay, Seabright Beach, and roller coasters
of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in the background

Candy's first lighthouse painting

Candy's second lighthouse painting

Candy's pen and ink detail of lighthouse

Karen, leading her usual "gentle" critique, is admiring Alison's painting.
Note the use of Aldo's chairs.

Karen showing Candy's painting

Karen studying Jane P's painting

Our potluck is ready to enjoy.  The drinks and chips are on the park bench,
the entrée appetizers are on Karen's card table, and the desserts
are on Aldo's chairs.