Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mountain View Heritage Park, Mountain View, CA Thursday July 20, 2017

The Mountain View Heritage Park just opened in December 2016.  Its centerpiece is the historic Immigrant House, just 400 square feet, which was built in the last half of the 19th century.

We had a perfect day for our first paint site at this park. Besides the house itself there was a wonderful windmill that was made in Indiana, bee hives, and a volunteer vegetable garden complete with beautiful sunflowers.

Heritage Park, Mountain View

The immigrant house


Annie's painting of the Immigrant House


Broncha's painting of the Immigrant House


Dick's painting of the Immigrant House


John's painting of the Immigrant House


Joy's painting of the Immigrant House

Leslie's sketch of the Immigrant House

Liz's painting of Immigrant House


Melanie's painting of the Immigrant House

Benay and Kristi

Benay's painting of the windmill

Kristi's painting of windmill

Salinda, Lisha, Candy, and Leslie

Salinda's painting of a sunflower

Salinda's second painting of sunflowers
Lisha's painting of a sunflower

Candy's painting of a sunflower

Candy's painting of flowers

Candy's painting of sunflowers

Leslie's painting of sunflowers


Iris's painting of flowers

Joy's painting of sunflowers


Paintings on display

Liz with her painting

The whole group minus leader/photographer Liz

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alviso Marina County Park Thursday July 13, 2017

From the 1840's (before the California Gold Rush) until a train connected San Jose to San Francisco in 1864, Alviso was a prominent shipping port for transporting both people and goods between these cities.  There are very old historical buildings still standing in Alviso including the "Union Warehouse and Docks", circa 1850, and the Bayside Canning Co, whose peak was from the early 1900's until 1936. At first it was used to can tomatoes, but when the owners developed the technique to can asparagus, it became the 3rd largest cannery in the U.S.  The Union Warehouse was first a warehouse for shipping, but then was used as storage for the cannery.  As a painting site, the Alviso area has great diversity because the County Park has the Alviso Slough that leads to the Bay, salt ponds, marshlands, and expansive views of the surrounding hills.

Liz led the paintsite while all the other co-coordinators were away.  She did a wonderful job, not only giving maps of historical buildings to all artists, but also providing chocolate cookies which were a big hit.  She reports that the weather was beautiful, not too hot or cold or windy, and everyone had a good time

Alviso Marina County Park
About Alviso

Candy's first painting of Alviso County Park

Candy's second painting, the levees

It was great to have Melanie painting with us again

Melanie's painting of the gateway to marshland, salt ponds, and surrounding hills.

Liz's painting

New member Benay

Benay's sketch of houseboat which has rested there for over 20 years

Benay's painting of houseboat


Lorraine's painting of houseboat


Suzie's painting of the houseboat


Broncha's painting of a historic building

Artists painting Bayside Canning Co.


John's painting of Bayside Canning Co


Annie's first painting of Union Warehouse and Docks and Bayside Canning Co

Annie's second painting of the same


Krist's pencil sketch of Bayside Canning Co

Candy's painting of Yacht Club sign.  The Yacht Club was formed in the very late 1800's

Artists in full sunlight