Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saratoga History Park and Museum, Weekend Paintsites Saturday, September 16, 2017

Our weekend paintsites often follow the Thursday paintout. Alison and Jayne painted at the Saratoga History Park and Museum on September 16.

Link to Saratoga History Park

Alison's painting of the schoolhouse

Jaynes journal sketch of Ribes (Pink Flowered Currant)

Jayne's painting of the church bell tower across the street from the Museum

Alison's sketch of Jayne sketching the Ribes

Jayne sketching

The schoolhouse

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saratoga History Park Museum, Thursday, September 14, 2017

Saratoga History Museum is housed in a Western Falsefront store, one of the oldest commercial buildings in Santa Clara and originally built on Big Basin Way.  The McWilliams House is one of the oldest homes in Saratoga -- perhaps dating to the 1850's.  Both buildings were moved to their current locations in 1976 as part of the American Bicentennial celebration, creating the Saratoga History Museum.  There is a tiny schoolhouse behind the McWilliams house. Next door is the historic Village Library (now operated by the Saratoga Friends of the Library) where at least one artist got terrific bargains on some art books. The weather was perfect for outdoor painting, sunny and just the right temperature.

Link to Saratoga History Park

Saratoga Historical Park Museum

Salinda, Dick, John, and Helen painting in the shade of umbrellas

Salinda's painting of McWilliams House

Dick's painting of McWilliams House

John's painting of McWilliams House

Helen's painting of McWilliams House


Grace's painting of McWilliams House


Annie's painting of McWilliams House


Broncha's painting of McWilliams House


Benay's painting of pump and roses

Benay's closeup of rosebuds


Toni's painting of tree behind museum

Marilyn made up her own color scheme in her painting of schoolhouse


Lorraine's painting of schoolhouse and back of McWilliams House

Lisa and Anu

Lisa's painting of Village Library and Schoolhouse

Anu's painting of Village Library and Schoolhouse


Susan's painting of Village Library

Behind the library is a very pleasant place to set out and admire our artwork

The artists gather to eat lunch and socialize

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Santa Clara Central Park, Thursday, September 7, 2017

After so many very hot days, it was delightful that we got a cooler day for our paintsite at Santa Clara's Central Park.  It remained cloudy throughout our painting time, and even a few raindrops fell just as we had set out our paintings for our sharing time.  It only rained for about a minute or two, just long enough to force us to grab all our paintings and put them back under the canopy of the Pavilion.  Central Park is large with picnic Pavilion, creek, bridges, International Swim Center, lawn bowling green, lots of attractive trees, multiple children's playgrounds, and the Central Park Library.  The feature that beckoned to most of the artists was the duck pond with fountains, waterfall, and peninsula landscaped with lots of blooming flowers.

Pratima's painting of the pond with fountain and flowers

Susan J and Jenny

Jenny's painting of the duck pond with the swim center in the background

Many artists painting by the pond

Candy and John

Candy's painting of the duck pond

Candy's study of ducks


Annie's painting of the pond

Cindy and some ducks that posed for her

Cindy's painting of ducks

Cindy's painting of more ducks

Susan B-G

Susan B-G's painting of the pond
Susan B-G's painting of ducks by the pond with artist Susan J in the background

Lisa with Pavilion in the background

Lisa's painting of the pond and fountain

Waving to Salinda and Dick across the pond

Dick's painting of the pond and fountain

Salinda's painting of pond, fountain, and ducks


Grace's painting of the pond and fountain


Marilyn's painting of the flowers reflecting in the pond


Benay's painting of the Pavilion

Toni's painting of a tree starting to turn color

The Pavilion had a convenient area for some of the artists to pose with their artwork