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Rancho Del Oso Nature Center Davenport, CA near Waddell Creek Beach Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rancho Del Oso Nature and History Center is located in Waddell Valley which has glorious views of the ocean and nearby hills.  The center was once the home of Hulda Hoover McLean, avid watercolorist and niece of President Herbert Hoover.  Jeremy Lin, State Park Interpreter, opened the Center just for us and told us about Hulda, a true Renaissance woman, a steward of the land who could build a barn as well as paint a watercolor painting.  She wanted the land to be passed along to future generations, and she served on the Board of Directors of the Waddell Creek Assoc which supports education programs at the Nature Center well into her 90's before she passed away at age 100.  Jeremy told us that she would be very pleased that we were there painting scenes of the valley that she loved so much.  We are very grateful to Jeremy for opening the Center for us and to Hulda for helping to preserve the entire valley.

The day was organized as a very casual Hike and Sketch.  There were beautiful views from the deck of the Nature Center, and Liz led the hikers on a short hike featuring an excellent lookout towards the ocean.  When we arrived at 10 AM there was lots of sun and some fog.   We expected the fog to clear, but instead it rolled in, obscuring the view of the ocean for the hikers.  We hikers continued on the trail at our own pace, each artist picking their own spot.  It was a great day to be at the coast because the temperature was delightfully cool at the coast whereas it was in the high 90's by the Bay.

Link to Rancho Del Oso

Ranger Jeremy Lin telling about the history of Rancho Del Oso

Annie's painting of the view from the deck of the Nature Center looking toward the ocean

Dick's painting from the veranda looking across the valley

The hike begins

Cindy, John, and Mary at the ocean scenic lookout.  The ocean was obscured by fog, but the snag was handsome.

Cindy assembling her plein-air table

Cindy's painting of the snag, trees beyond, and a seabird appearing out of the fog

Cindy's painting of the trail

John's painting of the snag and trees beyond

Mary's painting of the snag and the fog beyond

Susan's painting of the trail

Jenny on the trail

Jenny's painting of trees in fog

Helen, Lisha, Liz, and Lorraine on the trail

Waddell Creek Beach at 10 AM showing both clear skies and fog.  We hoped the fog would retreat.

Sunshine and fog, artists' delight

Marilyn and Liz

Marilyn's journal page includes an imaginary view (inspired by 10 AM scene) and the real view of the ocean

Helen, Lorraine, Salinda, and Lisha hiked with Liz across Waddell Creek bridge and painted the view looking back at the Nature Center.  (Photo by Liz)

Helen's painting

Lorraine's painting

Salinda's painting

Lisha's painting

Liz's painting

Hiking on the Marsh Trail

Bridge on the Marsh Trail

Lunch on the veranda

Comparing notes at the end of the hike

Showing Cindy's paintings taped to her foam board

Paintings on display

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