Sunday, August 27, 2017

Filoli Artist Access Day, Woodside, CA Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Paintsite - II

We held two paintsites this beautiful day, one in the morning at the Woodside Store in Woodside and another in the late afternoon (paid admission required) at the Filoli Artist Access Day, located 6 miles north of the Store. 

Filoli is a beautiful country house set on 16 acres of exquisite formal gardens.  Four SCVWS artists joined other artists and photographers at the monthly Filoli Artists Access Day.  The gardens at Filoli are always beautiful, but today the reflecting pool garden was just stunning, the most beautiful I have ever seen it, with the late afternoon sun illuminating the rich purple of the "Victoria Blue" Salvia and the rich orange of the zinnias.  Mixed in with these showstoppers were the only slightly subdued blue statice and coral colored dahlias.  Many other garden beds were full of red and pink flowers of all shades.

Filoli is experimenting with different hours, and they worked out fine for me.  Last year artists with Artist Access had the gardens to themselves from 3:30-6:30 pm, but SCVWS artists left early because it was bitterly cold and windy.  This year the weather was warm and pleasant, but we shared the garden with visitors.  We could paint from 4-7 pm, and visitors could stay until 8 pm.  The visitors might have caused a problem for photographers, but they caused me no problem.  I returned to stroll the gardens after painting, thereby giving the commuters a chance to get home, and my drive home was a breeze.

Link to Filoli

Orange and purple of the reflecting pool garden

Marilyn tried to capture the orange and purple which pleased her so much

The reflecting pool garden

Martha's painting of Garden House

Alan painting in the garden

Mary's painting with clouds flowing over the distant hills

Marilyn's painting of "Festina Lente", "make haste slowly", on a garden wall

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