Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lucie Stern Community Center, Palo Alto Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Lucie Stern Community Center was built in 1934 in Spanish Mediterranean style.  There can be lots of activity here with the Community Theater, the Children's Theatre, the Children's Library, and the central Courtyard all in one complex. It also has a well used wedding venue.  We had wanted to have a paintsite here earlier in the summer, but we were told to come back later because the Community Center was swarming with kids attending Summer camp.  Now that Summer camp is over, we had a delightful day painting.  Even though the entire Center is quite large, most artists chose to paint in the "Secret Garden" behind the Children's Library where we could sit in the shade with great views of the garden, the Wishing Well, and the turrets of the Children's Theater.  A big thanks to Lorraine for finding someone to unlock the gate to the "Secret Garden".
Artists Salinda, Dick, Martha, Caroline, and Leslie

Dick's first painting of the tower

Dick's second painting of the tower

Salinda's first painting of the Childrens' Theater

Salinda's second painting of the Children's Theater

Martha's painting of the Wishing Well and Children's Theatre

Palo Alto Princess by Caroline

Leslie's painting of the Wishing Well

Leslie's sketch of the gate to the "Secret Garden"


Lorraine's painting of the outdoor Children's Theatre


Benay's painting of the outdoor Children's Theatre

Marilyn's painting of the outdoor Children's Theatre


Mary's painting of the Wishing Well

Mary's painting of the garden



Kristi's painting of the secret garden wall. (Was this the wall from the Fantasticks?)

Helen's painting of the garden

Helen's painting of another part of the garden

Leslie's sketch of an artist in the garden

Leslie's sketch of the courtyard

Lunch in the Secret Garden

Everyone enjoyed the show!

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