Sunday, August 27, 2017

Woodside Store, Woodside, CA Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Paintsite I

We held two paintsites this beautiful day, one in the morning at the Woodside Store in Woodside and another in the late afternoon (paid admission required) at the Filoli Artist Access Day, located 6 miles north of the Store. 

The Woodside Store was the first store to be built between San Francisco and Santa Clara.  In 1854 it served as a general store, post office and Dr. Tripp's dental office. The picturesque weathered wooden building has been a public museum and favorite painting site for over 50 years.  The three SCVWS artists pretty much had the place to themselves except for school kids who were learning how to live as pioneers by chopping wood and doing laundry.  Lorraine, Helen, and Liz painted three different versions of the old store.

Link to Woodside Store

Lorraine getting ready to paint

Lorraine's painting of the Woodside Store

Helen's sketch

Helen getting ready to paint

Helen painting

Helen's painting of the Woodside Store

Liz's painting of the Woodside Store

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