Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wunderlich County Park, Woodside, CA July 6, 2017

The weather was perfect as 11 artists gathered at Wunderlich County Park near Woodside.  Meeting at Wunderlich two days after the July 4th holiday was a very good thing traffic-wise because traffic on I-280 was much lighter than usual.  We heard the whinnying and clip-clop of horses as horse-campers practiced with their horses in the corral, and as small and large groups left for rides on the trails.  Many visiting hikers also headed out on the trails. None of our artists ventured on the trails during this paintout. 

The dairy building, built around 1874, was the most popular subject.  Wunderlich has most handsome and stately trees, and several artists chose to paint them.  Marilyn could not resist the complex architecture of the Folger Stable, built in 1903 by the same architect who designed the San Francisco Opera House, renovated in 2010.

Link to Wunderlich Park  Link to Folger Stable Historic Site

Wunderlich County Park

Broncha and Liz paint the dairy building

Broncha's painting of the dairy building

Liz's painting of the dairy building

 Lorraine is getting organized to start

Lorraine's painting of the dairy building

Mary's painting of the dairy building

John's painting of the dairy building.  Master of painting rust, he used this skill to bring out the colors in the dairy building.

Toni's painting of a stately redwood tree near the picnic area

Marilyn's painting of the Folger Stable

The artists are getting ready to share their artwork.  

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