Sunday, July 2, 2017

Anna Cook's Mexican Garden, Saratoga June 29, 2017

We are very fortunate that once again Anna Cook welcomed us into her Mexican garden. Not only does her garden have an incredible number of artfully arranged objects to paint, Anna also provided drinks, cookies, and watermelon.  She is very interested in our artwork and when she came around to check on our progress, she also wanted to see all of our earlier artwork in our sketchbooks and journals.

Two wonderful things happened.  First, we had three new members.  Second, two neighbor girls not only admired our work, but ran home and got their art supplies, and with their mother's blessing, returned and painted with us.  We are used to having children admiring our work, think of Hidden Villa and Ardenwood, but this is the first time we have ever had children painting with us. It was a delight.

Everywhere you looked you found interesting objects to paint and lots of artists painting them:

Anna (R), her sister (M), and her niece (L)

Kaaren, Annie, and Jayne in the entry courtyard

Leslie and Lisha in the driveway

Suzie, Dick, Kristi, Alan, Candy, Helen, and Cindy in the backyard

Cindy, Salinda, and Kristi in the backyard

New member Susan

Susan's painting

 New member Kristi

Kristi's painting

 New member Toni

 Annie's painting

 Kaaren's first painting

 Kaaren's second painting

Jayne's first journal page

 Jayne's second journal page

 Lisha's painting

 Leslie's painting

Marilyn's journal page

Marilyn showing her painting

Iris's painting

 Mary's painting

Suzie's painting

 Broncha's first painting

 Broncha's second painting

 Candy's first painting

Candy's second painting

Cindy's painting

Helen's first painting

Helen's second painting

Grace's painting

Salinda's first painting

Salinda's  second  painting

Dick's Painting


Cindy showing her painting

Dick showing his painting

Helen showing her painting

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