Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose, November 3rd, 2011

Oak Hill Memorial Park is California's oldest secular cemetery and a number of San Jose's first residents are buried there. Our painting day started out sunny and then a storm came in so there were a few clouds to paint.

Laurie Barna

Jesus of Mt Hamilton - Caroline Garbarino
The morning in the cemetery made a deep impression on me. Images from the day keep returning unbidden. I was especially moved to be so close to the pioneers whose names have been with me since early childhood.  Although I am a Buddhist, the scene I painted held the most power for me. Caroline Garbarino

Anna Jacke
Oak Hill Memorial Park's Chapel of Roses.  With the changing light and rain coming while I finished up, my sky became a issue as did the shadows I had put in at the beginning... the challenges of Plein Air painting! Anna Jacke

Apostle's Fountain - Brad Santos
Our paint-out at Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose's oldest and largest cemetery, definitely offered a different emotional tone than other recent paint sites. I wondered if that would translate into a different look to my paintings --- would I be able to capture that emotion? It seems like I should have but I confess that I couldn't see any difference. I suspect the 'emotion' was lost when I focused too much on simply reproducing the Apostle's Fountain on my paper. Brad Santos

San Jose Skyline as viewed from Oak Hill Cemetery - Dick Zunkel

View from Sunrise Hill - Sylvia Waddell
A distant redwood casting its shadow over the gravestones caught my eye. The Mountains were still trapped in the haze at this point. This is a postcard sized sketch. Sylvia Waddell

Japanese Temple,     Jenny Tero


  1. Everyone's work looks so good-and all so different! Sorry I couldn't be there.

  2. Beautifully done. I love plein air sessions and the work is so fresh!