Friday, February 17, 2012

Campbell Heritage Theatre, February 16th, 2012

A beautiful crisp, clear day in bright sunshine, but we certainly needed jackets.  The reflecting pool was a huge challenge!
The Campbell Heritage Theater is a handsome building and really shines on a bright day.    We could only get about 20 yards from the building which presented some challenges as far as perspective.    In discussing this with Jenny & Sylvia we concluded that painting buildings like these plein air presents problems one wouldn't face painting them from a photograph -- things I hadn't considered before.    So I definitely plan to attend the Santa Clara Train Station session next week focusing on "Perspective" -- just the short discussion we had in Campbell was very useful.Brad Santos

Mary Paquet

Jenny Tero
Sylvia Waddell
Thanks for the opportunity to really see this beautiful building I've overlooked many times before.
Caroline Garbarino

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  1. We had a lovely day. Bravo to Brad, Jenny, and Sylvia on their art. I feel like I am back there again.