Monday, April 16, 2012

Emma Prusch Farm, Thursday April 5th

Caroline Garborino

"This paintout was an incredible time travel journey into a world that I was born too late to enjoy.
If only I could see San Jose through my grandfather's eyes..."

Anna Jacke

Mary Paquet

"Corner of the Past" by Mike Rogan

Brad Santos

"There's a rooster in my palette! Honestly! I settled down at one of the concrete picnic tables on the knoll above the barn to try my hand at 'look-down' perspective. I wet my palette and set it on the table and sat on the bench with my back to the table. Working out my sketch and talking to Mike, I heard a tapping sound behind me and, on turning to investigate, found one of the park's handsome roosters standing in my palette sampling the various colors. I shooed it away. Later, I was thinking if I'd been smart I'd have put down some paper for it to walk on --- then I'd have a painting by a rooster instead of a painting of a rooster. Probably worth more than just chicken-feed!" Brad

Emma's House by Dick Zunkel

Pot bellied pigs by Sylvia Waddell
"I love visiting Prusch Farm - the chickens and roosters are so much fun to watch, and there's some great rusty farm equipment. I spent my time sketching the animals and birds and watching small children being chased by geese who wanted feeding. The geese are as big as some of the children so it must be quite alarming to come face-to-beak with a hungry Goose! 
It was a great day, and as always all you guys are great to be out painting with." Sylvia

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