Thursday, May 10, 2012

Menlo Park Rail Station, May 3rd, 2012

Sitting right on the platform, we were mostly ignored by the passing commuters at this busy station.  Surprising how big and noisy the trains are when you're up so close! It was a chilly, dull day, but the rain held off until we were eating lunch in the station waiting area, undercover. 
Jenny Tero

Leslie Grimm
I couldn't decide whether to paint the clock tower or the Victorian station, so I decided to do both.  However, as I struggled to sketch the many angles and lines I realized it was far too complicated for my drawing ability, so I erased the pencil lines and used a pen to sketch my impressions of the buildings.  It's pretty skewed, but it was fun to do and captured most of what I liked about the station. Leslie
Dick Zunkel
Sylvia Waddell

Laurie Barna
I finished this just in the nick of time (before the rain came down!)

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