Friday, January 4, 2013

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, January 3, 2013

Unlike the last few paint-outs of 2012, weather for the first paint-out of 2013 was merely "brisk" rather than downright numbingly cold.    The group hadn't painted at the Winchester Mystery House for a number of years but the manager remembered us and was pleased that we'd returned --- the sort of welcome we invariably receive.   Lots to choose from to paint in a relatively compact area with some formal gardens and lots of interesting Victorian buildings (or maybe it's just one building - it's difficult to tell).    All in all, a great start to the New Year.

A reminder - bring your plein air paintings (done on paint-out days, when on vacation, or wherever) to the Annual Party for display.     We'll have a dedicated table on the stage for sketch / travel books.   For larger and framed works we'll have a few spare easels but best if you bring you own.

For more information about the Winchester Mystery House, see:

Mary Paquet
I had a lovely time at the Winchester House, standing at my easel in the sun. As I circled the property I was immediately struck by the light and shadow in an old barn leading to a glass greenhouse. The cold moist air made for very slow drying, and I am an impatient painter. I finished a few bits at home. Mary Paquet

Dick Zunkel
 I live only a few miles from this site, but have never been there. What a great place to paint!  The light was perfect, but Yan and I were in the shade. It became so cold I had to stop painting.  This is a good way to keep from overworking. It was my first rendering with a brush pen. I usually draw with a Speedball nib and fluid ink. When I began, I was not happy with the look and considered starting over. The pen is difficult to work on medium texture paper.  However, I kept at it and am satisfied with the results. Dick

Caroline Garborino

This was the first time I really "saw" the Winchester gardens. Decades ago when I
toured the grounds, the out-buildings were not open. I loved the self-guided tours with recorded
(actor's) voices of the gardener, the maintenance man, and chauffeur. I hope to go back and paint
the gardens from the front. This paintout was completely enchanting, and I'm sure I saw Sarah.


Sylvia Waddell
This is the Foreman's house, not quite so rambling as the Mystery House so somewhat less intimidating! Sylvia

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