Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ainsley House, Campbell, June 6th, 2013

From a time before there was "Silicon Valley", when Campbell was a hub of the "Valley of Heart's Delight", there was the Ainsley House.   in the Tudor Revival style, the unusual roof (steamed/bent cedar shingles in imitation of traditional English thatch) was an intriguing attraction for most of us:  How to capture the intricate curves, waves, swoops, curls and lines of the roof was a challenge we couldn't resist and met in a variety of ways.    All different and all successful.

For more information about the Ainsley house, see: 

Of additional interest for plein air painters, The Campbell Historical Museum, located in the Ainsley House, is currently presenting works of early 20th Century California Impressionist Francis Cutting.  For details, see:

Next up for the Paintsites gang, Thursday, June 20th --- a big, big road trip to sleepy San Juan Bautista!    A mission, the adjacent old plaza, picturesque buildings, funky shops & restaurants --- lots to see and paint.    Join us --- watch for the official e-mail notification and details.     To see what's there, check out: 

Jenny Tero

Instead of tackling the whole building, which is what I usually do, I aimed for zoning it on just one part of it - much easier.    Jenny

Dick Zunkel
What a great day to paint, but as always, the Ainsley house presents so many challenges to artists due to its size and mixture of straight lines and curves. I chose a small corner for my subject after starting from several locations. A woman pushing a baby carriage crossed into my view so I did a quick "gesture" sketch of her to add interest to the painting. Medium: Pen and water soluble calligraphy ink with watercolor wash on a 140 lb. block.     Dick

Grace Tang
It was a lovely morning to paint with fellow artists. The curvy roof structure of the Ainsley House provides an interesting and artistic look to the whole house. I am wondering how it was built and maintained for the last 90 years!   And the gardens and surroundings are amazingly beautiful as well!!!    Grace

Bonnie Sandler
I fell in love with the quaint green striped awnings.   It was quite a challenge to do those roofs with edges that roll down.   I had to eliminate a hedge that obscured the walkway and fountain.   Bonnie

Brad Santos
Anxious to get started, I choose the most obvious, wide-angle view --- not really sorry that I did as it was a perfect day to paint just about anything --- but there were some small sections or details (the near corner for example) that were very complex and would have offered a greater challenge and, if done well, a greater reward.    Brad

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