Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Paintsite Cooper-Garrod Winery and Stables August 17, 2013

Twelve weekenders enjoyed an day with mixed sunshine and clouds at Cooper-Garrod Winery and Stables. Some arrived early and left early while others completed paintings and stayed for lunch. The variety of subjects made for a great painting day.
Photo by Yan Zheng

Shao Wie Liu

Shao Wie Liu

I was hoping to go outdoor painting with a group for as long as I had been working in the video game industry, 20+years. My job is creating 3D environments and props for video games and put 2D picture ( called texture) and effects on them. The 2D texture and effects combined are called Materials. So I am a 3D material artist that does require 2D painting skills. I often doodle watercolor at lunch break. I am very happy to find a wonderful group of people/artists to go plein air painting! I had a great time at my first outing!
Thanks!  Shaowei Liu 

Brad Santos
An unusual August sky, unusual background sounds for a paintout (horses clop, clopping around us), and lots of interesting vegetation, in addition to the always fascinating vines, made for a good days painting.    Brad

Jan Lanoue

Dick Zunkel

Marilyn Perry
I have very pleasant memories of bringing my Cub Scouts horseback riding here years ago when my son was a Cub Scout and I was a Den Mother.  I don't remember any grape vines then, but I remember that the horses were very cooperative, and we had a great time.

Grace Tang
Had an awesome time watching the horses taking their morning walk with their attendants. The horses did show their personalities as being social or shy, curious or courageous, just like us, as they walked by me on the roadside. " Frankie" would not walk by me until I stood up and took off my white hat and greeted him.... 
Grace Tang 

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