Sunday, September 22, 2013

Santa Clara Caltrain Depot, Saturday September 21, 2013

Rain was forecast to arrive in the South Bay Saturday morning. Dark clouds hovered over the circa 1863 depot, but held off until eight determined artists had nearly completed their work. We are plein air artists... rain shall not dampen our spirits.

Brad Santos
An interesting day to paint - we barely finished before the first storm in many months bore down on us.      I believe the old "Oregon & Washington R.R. & Navigation " passenger car on the siding next to the Depot must have felt like it was back in the good old days racing a storm along the Columbia River into Portland  .   Brad

Dick Zunkel

Marilyn Perry
I got shelter from the rain under the eaves that you see in the middle of my painting.  After so long without significant rain, it was nice to watch the rain.  Marilyn

Uma Kelkar
The sheer joy of painting outside, with wind in the hair, the musty smell in my nose that I get after every paint out, I returned home elated and emotionally relaxed. Next time anyone is here, please lug your giant camera with you. I am against lugging around things that will be used only for few minutes, but this spot has the expanse of wide rail road depot tracks in the middle of town and a museum with wonderful models. Imagine the amount of sketching one could do at home using the reference photographs! For another wonderful paint out, to our fearless outdoor leader, cheers!

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