Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stanford University Main Quad, March 15, 2014

Paintings on display at Stanford Main Quad

Eight of our plein-air artists found their way to the Stanford Main Quad despite the organizer's cryptic map and driving instructions. What they found was a miracle... parking places! Free, no less. We had a bright clear day for our outing. Many of the group continued to the Palo Alto Baylands Eco-Center where the Society is showing 28 paintings depicting Baylands Scenes.

Brad Santos
A very happy day painting in the Main Quad  --- so gloomy the last time we were there; this time sunscreen, not fingerless gloves, was the order of the day; a deliriously happy wedding reception taking place adjacent to where we were painting; polite tourists interested in our work; actual students, less so; and the usual convivial group of plein air painters all made for a special day.    Brad 

Dick Zunkel

What a great day for painting, unlike our last visit to Stanford a year ago.  I chose one of the major arches opposite the Quad.  It reminded me of European villages where arches stood at the city gate.

Caroline Garbarino
This angel of charity has been calling me to paint her since the first time I saw her. Stanford campus is rich in beauty and I hope we go again, especially to the museum. Thanks for the hours of wonder, Caroline

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