Sunday, October 19, 2014

Annual Member Show Paintout. Triton Museum, Santa Clara. Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Annual Member Show Paintout was a great success:  A perfect day for plein air painting (if only they could all be as fine); a large group of interested first-timers and experienced plein air artists (including many Paintsites regulars eager to share their enthusiasm for SCVWS Paintsites events); a lavish reception hosted by Watercolor Society president Janice Faulstich and Exhibitions chair Nancy Troup; and especially an informative and entertaining demo by Dick Zunkel giving us a nuts and bolts look at his Ink & Wash technique.

Dick gets the audience warmed up with some general information and comments ....

And then gets down to work ...

Wraps everything up and encourages us to go forth and paint .... 

Which we did.    It's amazing just how many interesting subjects on the Museum grounds we found to paint.   Here are just a few of the finished paintings:

The Reception and "Show":
The three who made the day such a success:  Janice (back to camera), Nancy, & Dick

Some of the participating artists

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