Friday, January 23, 2015

Gurdwara Sikh Temple, San Jose. Thursday, January 22, 2015.

Wouldn't you know it!   As soon as Marilyn hones her weather forecasting skills to the nth degree and gets the SCVWS Home Page and the Paintsites e-mail Weather Cancellation notifications fine-tuned, Winter goes away.    Or at least that was the case on Thursday --- probably because this Paintsite was discovered and coordinated by Sylvia.   (Hard to imagine, but it's never rained on a Paintsite she and Jenny organized.   Or at least not rained very hard.)    The architecture is quite extraordinary and our gracious hosts, Gurdev Kalsi and Kirpal Atwal, and the many friendly worshipers made us feel very welcome.        

What made the day even more special was that early SCVWS member Jo Mary Keith joined the Paintsites group for the first time in a number of years.   Welcome back Jo Mary. 

For more information about the spectacular Gurdwara Sikh Temple in the East San Jose Foothills, see:

Upcoming Paintsites:
  •  Thursday, January 29, 2015:   NEW - Sunnyvale Baylands Park, Sunnyvale:  "easy" Hike & Sketch and we'll never be far from the parking lot.
For complete details see the Watercolor Society website or the January Newsletter.    And also check the February Newsletter for our exciting February Paintsites.

Completed paintings keep trickling in for some 2014 Paintsites - periodically check old postings for recent additions.

Finally, there's still time to review and order a copy of the MixBook Photo Album presented to Jenny & Sylvia at the Annual Holiday Party.

For a look at the album, go to:

If you'd like a copy, send Marilyn a note at as she's worked out a group discount for us.

Most of the images shown are unfinished works and appear washed-out because of the bright sun --- but they're not really.  Visit again to see the completed, scanned or re-photographed paintings in all their true glory.
Is this an intimidating subject to paint or what?
Not for Melanie and Liz!   In fact, here they are laughing in the face of the challenge.
Melanie's painting.
Not to be outdone, Leslie and John took on the Main Di Wan Hall head-on.
John and Leslie really focused on their subject.

Leslie's painting

John and his first painting of the Main Di Wan Hall
John's second painting done after lunch

Iris, Lisha and Helen working on the complicated corners of the Main Di Wan Hall.
Iris and her fine painting.
Lisha and another fine painting.
And Helen and yet another fine painting.
It was cold in the shade but Marilyn wanted a one-point perspective view.
Marilyn, cold but smiling ...
with good reason to smile having done a fine painting like this.
Jenny has finisher her painting, John is still working on his sketch
Jenny's finished painting.
Jane and her little square masterpiece.
Brad looking mighty pleased with his painting.
Yan working on a corner of the Main Di Wan Hall

We didn't catch Dick at work but here's his painting of the same corner of the Main Hall on which Yan worked.
While it was a bright clear day, a light breeze chilled my hands to where I could not finish the painting plein air.     I finished it in studio Friday.     Dick

Sylvia and long-time SCVWS member Jo Mary.
Sylvia's preliminary sketch and finished painting.
Jo Mary's first plein air paintings in a number of years.

Lunch.  (photo by Jane)
Helen and the free lunch the Sikhs provide for all.  (photo by Jane)

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