Friday, February 6, 2015

Winchester Mystery House San Jose, CA February 5, 2015

So fortunate were 18 plein air artists on the day before a much needed rainstorm approached the Bay Area. Early morning fog lifted to illuminate the most elaborate victorian style home in America in full sunlight. Our watercolor artists took full advantage of the opportunity, some staying until late in the day.


Rich's plein air sketches

Rich's studio painting from plein air sketches above
I painted this quarter sheet version at home last Friday the 13th!  More inline with my interpreted feeling of the setting.    Rich

Bobbi's painting

Caroline's painting of Demeter
While I was drawing the statue of Demeter, a tourist said "I'll do this the easy way!" and snapped a picture with his cell phone.  I said proudly, "I can do in six hours what you can do in 30 seconds!"    We both laughed heartily. Caroline

A matter of scale

Yan and Dick

Dick's pen and ink with watercolor wash



Elaine and Sylvia


John's sketch


John, Marilyn and Liz


Lisha's painting


Liz's finished painting
Helen's painting

Mary P. and Don

Mary P.'s painting

Melanie's painting with Sarah's ghost in the arch


Pat's sketch

Row of artists

Sylvia's "Door to Nowhere

John's painting
Marilyn's painting

Lunch in the garden


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  1. All of these works are beautiful! I was a tour guide in the late 80s and am pleased to see it continues to inspire.