Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard. Thursday, March 12, 2015

 We missed the peak bloom of the apricot trees in the Heritage Orchard (not that that stopped us from painting blossoms where they would have been but for the record warm February) but still found plenty to paint: the beautiful, bright green, just emerging foliage; a few blossoms; the rugged, gnarly trunks and limbs of the older trees; some old tractors and farm equipment; each other; and, perhaps most important of all, the answer to the age old question of  "Why did the chicken cross the road?" 

For more information about the Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard and the adjacent Museum, check out:

Remaining Thursday Paintsites in March:
  • Thursday, March 19, 2015:  Kirk-Farrington House, San Jose - we hope there will still   be some of the spectacular tree peonies and the old wisteria in bloom.
   Some of us started out "small" with blossom, leaf, branch, and specimen studies ...

Helen working on her Apricot 'botanical'

Helen's sketch of (a) new blossom, (b) spent blossom, (c) new leaf, and (d) parent tree


Iris' painting of Spring flowers in bloom

Liz & Melanie

Liz's take on (a) apricot leaf, (b) blossom, (c) tiny little apricot, and (d) tree from which they all came

Melanie focused on a single branch in exquisite detail ...

... as did Sylvia who focused in equal detail on a different branch and added an old wheel for flavor

Moving on to bigger (but not necessarily better) things ...  The old wagon with the yellow wheels was a very popular subject.

Rich's sketch of the wagon was from the middle of the orchard

Bonnie painted the wagon and apricot trees the way they should look in mid-March


Elaine's trees with the last of the blossoms, the first of the new leaves, and some orchard equipment


Sylvia's painting of the old wagon and trees - also the way they should look mid-March

Sylvia and Bonnie

Some other old orchard equipment also caught our eye ...

Not content with the old wooden wagon, Broncha focused on the old, heavy metal model "Thirty" Caterpillar tractor - apparently a popular model in the "Valley of the Heart's Delight"


as did Brad

Buildings associated with the Sunnyvale Heritage Museum were also worthy subjects ...

Iris's painting of the Museum

Dick decided to shine a little light on the day


While most of us were happy to stay on the paved patio, others weren't afraid of a little dirt and ventured into the orchard itself to work .....

Rich's second sketch of another piece of orchard equipment

Kaaren painted the orchard and the distant Coast Range with an old orchard implement accent

Kaaren working in the midst of it all

Lisha's painting of Kaaren painting in the orchard

Jane's painting of a magnificent apricot tree

Another artist at work - this one of Melanie by Helen

 Still wondering about "Why the chicken crossed the road?"  -  keep going

Some of the other artist's in attendance ...


Jolene's first time with the Thursday Paintsites group

After a hard day laboring in the fields, we rewarded ourselves with a nice lunch ..

Before starting our "critique" ...

Finally, here's what you've been longing to discover ---  the answer to the eternal question "Why did the chicken cross the road?" -- to get in Leslie's painting of course!

Leslie's painting s

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