Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Paintsites, Sunnyvale Baylands Nature Preserve, August 15, 2015

"The haze of a hot day, dry creek and eucalyptus trees meant that I saw unexpected colors in unexpected places at Sunnyvale Baylands Park. To ease into the heat, I made 3 small sketches, followed by a half sheet painting. I realized, that I overworked it and lost the essence of eucalyptus trees, so I tried again in a quick 5th sketch, but yesterday, the zen mode was not to be. Some days are like that. Grumble." Uma

Eastern hills looked pink

These are supposed to be a row of eucalyptus trees

Eucalyptus once again in my study book. The essence of these trees are in the sweeping down leaves and the way branches clump at one spot on a branch before it sprouts. I am going to slow down next time and look before I put brush to the paper.  

The maintenance guy was also enthused into joining us! :)

Brad's painting

The first day of the current heat wave:  OK in the shade tho' the effects of the drought are evident here and a heat-haze had built up against the East Foothills.   The steel sculptures seemed unfazed by it all.   Brad    

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