Friday, January 29, 2016

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, Santa Teresa CP, San Jose. Thursday, January 28, 2016

The weather forecast for record highs for the date didn't materialize and it was actually a bit on the cool side --- but nothing our group of hardened Paintsite artists couldn't handle.  Most of us stayed in the immediate vicinity of the old ranch house and barns (the historic part of the park) and found plenty to paint without even leaving the parking lot.  The great thing about old places like this is that when we go back the next time, and we certainly will, the buildings will look even more weathered and the rusty stuff even rustier.

For additional information about this interesting and scenic old ranch, right across the street from a residential section, see:

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The Ranch House ...  isn't as large or as ornate as some in the area but it does have an old date palm in front --- it seems all old ranches in the Santa Clara Valley have at least one palm tree in the front yard.   And it seems like the larger and more prosperous ranches had one on either side of the entry.   Perhaps the Bernals, the Gulnacs and the Joices weren't as well to do as they only had one palm.  Or at least there's only one now --- but it's a nice one...

Anna, left, and Elizabeth.    Altho' Anna and Elizabeth are long-time workshop and plein air painting companions, this was Elizabeth's first SCVWS Paintsite.

Elizabeth's almost finished painting of the Ranch House.

Dick and Salinda were able to set up right next to the parking lot for a good view of the west elevation of the Ranch House.

Dick's painting.

Salinda's painting.
  Working on the opposite side of the house were:

Joe's first painting of the day
Jenny's first painting of the Ranch House.

Jenny (left) and Sylvia - our long-time Paintsites Co-coordinators.

Jenny's painting of the back of the Ranch House.

Brad set up a little farther from the Ranch House so he could include the still dormant oak in front of the building.

The Old Barn.   This building underwent structural and cosmetic renovation several years ago but the exterior thankfully once again looks old and weathered.  (Has anyone ever done or even seen a painting of a new barn?  I think not - which is why this is such a popular subject.)


Helen's preliminary sketch of the barn with Dan in the foreground.

Helen's finished painting of the barn and Dan.

Dan, his work wrapped up for the day, heading home.

Jane isn't nodding off for a nap here - she's focused on her drawing of the Old Barn ....

... which resulted in this fine painting of the Old Barn in the background and a corner of a newer barn to the left.   That's Dan working on his painting in the foreground.


Kaaren's sketch of the Old and newer (left) barns.

John E.

John's sketchbook

John's painting of the Old Barn.

Rich set up a little closer to the Old Barn for his painting.

Rich's painting of the Old Barn

Joe's second painting - this one of the Old Barn from in front of the new barn opposite from where Rich painted.

Mary set up on the opposite side of the barn at some distance from it in order to get this perspective of the east elevation and the hills beyond .... 

Mary's painting of the back side of the Old Barn.

Buildings -- but not a Barn or an old Ranch House:    Artists, when they look hard enough, can find interesting patterns and textures everywhere --- witness these paintings:
John T.'s pen & wash painting of some of the outbuildings behind the Ranch House.

Iris set up in the parking lot but looked in the opposite direction from the 19th Century Ranch House towards a late 20th Century "ranch" house on the edge of suburbia which abuts Santa Teresa CP.

Iris' painting of an adjacent modern home.

Old Farm Equipment:  Locally, where there are old ranches and farms, there's always a wealth of rusty equipment --- if we knew what these implements were they probably wouldn't be half as fascinating. 

Leslie didn't have far to go from the parking lot to find some interesting old wheels and part of a wagon that's certainly seen better days.

Leslie's painting.

Marilyn got up close to the Old Barn --- but she didn't paint it, instead she painted ... 

... this wonderful composition of parts of a rusty plow

Landscapes.   While most of us focused on subjects associated with the old ranch, several of us took advantage of the lovely landscapes just a short distance from the ranch proper.
Kaaren's first painting wasn't too far from the ranch, but it was quite a steep climb to this vantage point.

Lisha also went further afield, to the edge of the historical ranch section of  the park, to find her perfect spot.
Lisha's painting of the trail heading into the less developed parkland toward the historic Santa Teresa Spring.

Show and Share 'Critique':   I was too busy eating lunch to take any photos of our lunch break but, don't worry, we did have one before our Critique.   It had started sprinkling so we leaned our paintings up against the walls and doors of the restrooms.  Probably we should have checked to make sure no one was trapped  inside before we did that.   Next time we will.


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