Friday, March 18, 2016

Stanford University Quad. Thursday, March 17th, 2016

You've heard of the "Mozart Effect" in which listening to Mozart is supposed to increase, at least short-term, your IQ?   By some obtuse reasoning, I'd hoped that there was a comparable "Stanford Effect" which would improve my artistic IQ.   Didn't work, at least for me.   And nobody else needed any such boost as we turned out our usual fine body of work.  

Collectively it was a great day:  the last paintsite of the Winter of 2015-16 felt like a Spring, if not Summer, paintout.    And since it was Spring Break, altho' there were occasional large student tours, it was very relaxed and enabled us to make friends with unhurried tourists  and Campus Security Officer Victor who provided much interesting info about the campus   --- all were appreciative of our work.

Upcoming Paintsites:
  • Thursday, March 24, 2016:  Santa Clara Mission, Santa Clara.
  • Thursday, March 31, 2016:   Wunderlich Park, Woodside.
For details, see the SCVWS website and the upcoming March Newsletter.   Remember, check your e-mail or the SCVWS website Home Page for cancellation notices as more rain is forecast for March.  

For more information (lots more) about Stanford University see the official University website which has Visitor and Parking information: 
For just a taste of the many websites devoted to photo images of the beautiful campus, particularly the Main Quad, see:

The Main Quad West Gateway/Portal.    This was the number one favorite subject as the textures and shapes of the building, the dramatic palm trees (which more than hold their own against the blocky buildings) and their cast shadows in the foreground all contributed to some very interesting compositions.

Anna, a long-time SCVWS member and experienced & accomplished plein air artist, joined us for her first Paintsites outing.

Anna typically works in a journal format and this painting of the West Portal is her latest entry.
Lisha's friend Annie is another experienced & accomplished plein air artist joining the group for the first time.   Annie normally paints in oil but stepped out of her comfort zone to give watercolor a shot ....
... very successfully I think.    Annie's painting of the West Portal.

Marilyn, Thursday Paintsites co-coordinator.
Marilyn's painting of the West Portal.
Cathy B.
Cathy's sketch book with her value studies and finished painting.   Scroll down to see them in greater detail ...
Two of Cathy's value sketches.

Another value sketch.

And it all came together in this fine painting of the West Portal.

Kaaren set up in the arcade separating Memorial Court from the Main Quad which gave her a more oblique look at the West Portal.

Kaaren's painting of the West Portal.   (That's one of us on the planter wall in the foreground.) 


Joy's painting and her neat, well organized supply box -- everything an artist requires in one tidy package.
Joy's friend Sharon joined us for another paintout.

The Memorial Court Arcades:  Another popular subject --- both as a subject and as a shady place in which to set-up:

Jane, the other Thursday Paintsite co-coordinator, in a Memorial Court arcade.

Jane's painting looking down the arcade.

Lisha in a Memorial Court arcade.

Lisha painted an administration building thru an arcade.
Brad's painting of Memorial Court's West Arcade.

 Other subjects:    There are many other equally interesting subjects...

Liz working on her painting.   Unfinished when we held our critique - visit again as it will be posted when it's done to Liz's satisfaction.

Away from the Quad, Kathy W. found a secluded little garden in which to paint.   Working on very rough, hand-made paper was a real challenge but it seems ideal to capture the rough, uneven texture of the sandstone buildings.

Altho' it's rumored that Stanford discourages distinguished UC Berkeley alumna from painting on campus, potentially showing-up Stanford alums (Kaaren excepted of course), Mary actually sat on the cold concrete of her own volition while working on a sketch.
The Stanford Art Gallery was closed but I suspect that if they'd known we were on campus they'd have opened it for us to exhibit our work.    Can't you just picture a big, bigger banner above the Stanford one:  "One Day Only - World Renown SCVWS Paintsites Artists!".

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