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New Almaden, San Jose. Thursday, July 21, 2106

There's a lot of history (well documented with informative signage) compressed into a small area in New Almaden.   And, considering there's nothing truly grand in the small town, it's amazing to think that the mines here were once the largest in the Western Hemisphere and played an important role in the Gold Rush and subsequent California history.   So altho', the buildings are small (many of the old miner's cottages are being remodeled and restored under the watchful eye of a Historical Commission), it's not any trivial history in which we found ourselves immersed today.

For additional information about New Almaden, the County Park and Casa Grande, see:

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The historic site signage was very informative and saved me the effort of describing the site.


Rich's painting of St. Anthony's apse(?).   Note the handsome lancet (pointed) windows which make a statement in this otherwise modest structure.


Candy's 1st painting - this one of St. Anthony's.


Joy's painting of St. Anthony's.
At the opposite end of St. Anthony's, painting the entrance, were ...

Dicks' unfinished painting of the entrance to St. Anthony's.

Left to right:  Marilyn, Lisha, Kathy W., and Lois in St. Anthony's parking lot.

Kathy's painting of the entrance.  The sign popped up when it was time to stop ---- something most all watercolorists need.

Lisha's painting of the entrance.    One more brushstroke and the 'Stop' sign would have appeared here too.

Lois' journal entry for St. Antony's.
Marilyn is experimenting with incorporating some "journaling" techniques into her paintings with happy results.

Salinda painted St. Anthony's from curbside for a different viewpoint.

Salinda's unfinished painting of St. Anthony's.
Next most popular subject was the current La Foret restaurant which has gone thru many lives   .....


Annie's painting of the entrance to La Foret.

Ji-eun set-up a little further down Bertram Rd. ... 

... from where she caught just a corner of the restaurant and the Community Center in the background.

Joe set-up on Almaden Way where it crosses Alamitos Creek for his take on La Foret.

Joe's painting of La Foret.

Candy's second painting - this one of La Foret.

Marilyn found a very informative map showing 32 historical buildings in New Almaden so there are many interesting little buildings to paint on both Almaden Rd. and Bertram Rd.  between St. Anthony's and Casa Grande.

Broncha's painting of the historic Carson-Perham Adobe.

Bobbi's painting of another of the historic adobes.

There were a number of very large (and presumably old) eucalyptus in New Almaden which merited our attention ....

Candy's 3rd painting - this of a eucalyptus.

Lois's journal entry of a very stringy barked eucalyptus.

Not a rugged eucalyptus!   A dainty, delicate lily by Mary P.

 Lunch by Alamitos Creek couldn't have been more pleasant.... 
Lunch (photo by Rich)


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