Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clos LaChance Winery San Martin, CA October 13, 2016

The spectacular Clos LaChance Winery is set in the rolling hills of of San Martin. It features expansive views of vinyards, Corde Valle Golf Course, and the hills beyond. The vines were still mostly lush green; only a few leaves had started to turn color. The sun shown weakly through thin clouds keeping us very comfortable. The grand vista from Clos LaChance's patio was so spectacular that nearly all of us painted it from different angles.

At 1:00 we packed up and headed for member Karen's home for a treat of homemade cookies and refreshing lemon and cucumber water. After socializing and brown-bag lunches Karen gave an insightful critique of our paintings. She is  a seasoned watercolor instructor, and gave us helpful tips for finishing our paintings.

Unloading grapes

Katherine's painting


Jane's unfinished painting
Leslie's pen and ink watercolor wash
Leslie's Pots and Flowers
Leslie's Grand Vista

Marilyn's painting
Ji-eun and Katherine

Ji-eun's painting
Lisha, Helen, and Sharon

Helen's Painting

Lisha's painting

Lois's painting

Mary, Joy, and Annie
Annie's painting

Mary's painting



Sherrie's unfinished painting

Curious tarantula

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