Saturday, May 6, 2017

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden May 4, 2017

What a lovely day: sunny, warm but not hot like the previous two days, and the roses were in perfect bloom.  Such a riot of colors!  We had to really saturate the pigment on our paper to try to approximate the colors we were seeing before us.The 5.5 acre rose garden features more than 4,000 rose shrubs representing 189 rose varieties, set against a backdrop of redwood trees.  In 2010 the All-America Rose Selections named it "America's Best Rose Garden" based on beauty, creativity, and community involvement.

Annie's painting of red rose

Lisha uses her umbrella to good advantage

Lisha's painting of white roses

Joe with many rose beds

Joe's painting of rose arbor

Iris's quick watercolor sketch of roses

 Iris's painting of roses

Lorraine's painting of roses

Jane S's painting of roses

Dick and Salinda share an umbrella

Salinda's painting of the main gate

Dick's painting of the main gate

Candy's painting of rose arbor

Candy's sketch of fountain and roses

John's painting of fountain and roses

Helen's painting of fountain and roses

Leslie's painting of rose arbor

Leslie's miniature sketch of Joy painting fountain

Joy's painting of fountain

Grace's ink and watercolor sketch of fountain

Marilyn's ink and watercolor sketch of rose beds

Nora's roses cut from her painting to make a greeting card

We are all very interested in what Nora is telling us

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