Friday, May 11, 2018

Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens, Sierra Rd., San Jose. Thursday, May 10, 2018.

While most of the rest of the world waits with baited breath for the big royal wedding next week, (at which there'll probably only be a couple of actual Queens present), we spent a day with the "Queens of the Perennial Border":  Herbaceous Peonies.     And we're not talking just a couple of Queens but hundreds of them in an array of colors and styles that put all the royals and celebrities to shame.

This is our third visit to Chateau CharMarron and we never run out of wonderful things to paint --- the peonies of course, then there's lots of beautiful iris in bloom, shaggy llamas, and, for serious landscape artists, the Calaveras Reservoir in the distance.

For more information about this special site, see
Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens website
Note: If you plan to visit, follow the driving directions on the website as Sierra Rd. is subject to frequent closures which don't always register on map apps.   The long way around, via Calaveras  Rd., seems like it takes forever but fortunately it's a scenic drive.   And, if you're quick about it, this coming Saturday, May 12th, a limited quantity of cut peony stems ($4 each, cash only) will be on sale at Chateau CharMarron for Mother's Day.

Edward Rooks, who frequently painted with Sylvia & Jenny years ago has recently come back into the Paintsites fold.  A knowledgeable naturalist, a fabulous photographer as well as accomplished artist, Edward has created a Flicker photo album for all to enjoy --- for today's Paintsite photos see:
Edward Rooks Chateau CharMarron Peony Gardens photo album

May Paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the May Newsletter for details:
  • Thursday, May 17, 2018:  Hike & Sketch or Sit & Paint at Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz
  • Thursday, May 24, 2018: Cooper-Garrod Vineyards (& Stables), Saratoga
  • Thursday, May 31, 2018:  Holbrook-Palmer Park, Atherton

Not to be missed Shows & Exhibits by Paintsites Regulars:
  • Tanvi Buch currently has a one woman show at the Red Berry Coffee Bar, 145 Main St., Los Altos.   In May she'll have 16 watercolors displayed on the ground floor.  In June, the exhibit will move to the second floor.    Do go see Tanvi's artwork and buy a cup of coffee to support a local business that supports local artists.
  •  Annie Haines was awarded an Associate Artist Award by the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the California Art Club for her "Point Reyes Lighthouse" watercolor.   The painting is currently on exhibit in the CAC "Art Between the Lines" show at the Peninsula Museum of Art.   The Museum is located at 1777 California Dr., Burlingame.   The show runs thru July 8, 2018.   Annie's painting is also featured in the May-June issue of Fine Art Connoisseur.
Silicon Valley Open Studios.     If you were unable to attend any of the Open Studios last weekend, there's still time to catch the studio artwork of some of your (and my) favorite plein air artists.    And if they weren't a favorite artist before, they will be after you're blown away by their artwork.     
  • Saturday and Sunday, May 12th & 13th:
    • Jeanne De Campos-Rousseau, Karen Druker, and Karen Olsen -- Los Altos Hills
    • Christine Oliver -- Sunnyvale 
  • Saturday and Sunday, May 19th & 20th:
    • John Eidger -- San Jose
    • Annie Haines (yes, the award winning Annie -- see above) -- San Jose
    • Don Paquin -- San Jose

Some Artists and Their Artwork -- Enjoy:


Annie's value sketches and resulting painting

Annie's spectacular peony blossom

Thursday Paintsites Co-Coordinator Jane S. (It looks like she has a big stick stuck in her hat but it's actually in the background.)
Jane's first painting
Here's Jane S. again --- you do two fine paintings and you get your photo in twice.
Jane's painting no. 2.


Dick's painting

Edward was here but I was too slow to catch him in the act of painting....

But was able to see his painting ...

And finally caught up with Edward taking some of his wonderful Paintsite photos .  If you didn't follow the link in the introductory paragraph, here's another chance: Edward's Peony Garden Flicker photo album


Helen's first painting.

You know the rules, you do two paintings, you get your photo in twice --- here's Helen working on her second painting ....

Helen's Landscape with Llamas and Peonies

Helen's third painting --- this one of a beautiful iris.


Judi's painting of a striking pale yellow peony with a bit of orange blush around the eye.   These blossoms can be both bold and subtle
We hope that Linda, now semi-retired, will be able to rejoin the group
on a more or less full time basis

One of Linda's unfinished paintings

Linda's second painting, also still unfinished.    Visit this posting again to see both finished paintings



Liz's double-sheet painting

Strictly speaking, Liz's painting of a glorious cymbidium doesn't belong in this posting as it wasn't made today at Chateau CharMarron but, since she was the only artist to show up for the rained-out Gamble Garden paintout, she deserves some recognition both for her fortitude and for this fine painting!

Thursday Paintsites Co-Coordinator Marilyn
Marilyn's peony blossom


Salinda's painting

See See -- new SCVWS member and first time with Paintsites and we're happy to have her!

See See's first plein air watercolor (she normally paints in oils)

Shao Wei painted with us a few years ago and chose a great site at which to rejoin us.

Shao Wei's peonies and firs

This was WeiWei's first (of which we hope will be many) Paintsite(s).


Still eating

Marcia - owner of Chateau CharMarron and our ever gracious and accommodating hostess

Thursday Paintsites Co-Coordinator Marilyn, wearing her trademark pink which color coordinated perfectly today, 'mongst the peonies.

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