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Quail Hollow Ranch County Park, Felton, Thursday, August 16, 2018

Quail Hollow Ranch County Park is a 300-acre historic horse ranch and nature preserve, home to 15 habitats.  It contains exposed remnants of an ancient seabed and a very rare sand hills environment causing some of the hiking trails to be surprisingly sandy.  The property was first homesteaded in 1866.  From 1937-1954 it was owned by Larry and Ruth Lane, owners of Sunset Magazine.  In 1986 the ranch became a Santa Cruz County Park.

Eighteen artists enjoyed beautiful warm sunny weather, lots of shade under many trees, and better air quality than in the Bay Area.  Thanks to Dan Lazarus, Park Interpreter, for making us feel very welcome, appreciating our artwork, and telling a little about the natural history of the area.  Also thanks to Annie for suggesting this paintsite -- it is a very good site that we will definitely visit again.

For additional information about Quail Hollow Ranch CP, see:
link to park website

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Shows & Exhibits by Paintsites Regulars:
  • John Ediger's award-winning painting, "The Old Adobe", is included in the current California Watercolor Association's "The Color of Summer" Exhibit at St. Mary's College of Art in Moraga.  The show runs thru August 26, 2018. (Official website: )
  • Watercolors by Jane Saltman, Nancy Troup, and Tanvi Buch are featured in the Los Altos History Museum's "Paint the Town ll: Echoes of the Past " show which runs from July 5 to October 7, 2018.  Tanvi's painting of "Voyageur du Temps" received the Honorable Mention award.  Check the following website for plein air related lectures and events during August.   The Museum is located at 51 S. San Antonio Rd, Los Altos.  Hours are Thu - Sun: noon - 4 PM.   Admission is free. (Official website: )
  • Annie Haines and John Ediger each have two paintings in the California Watercolor Association's "Explore Color / Discover Color" exhibit at Dominican University, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael.   John's painting "The Old Barn" won 2nd place. The show opens August 5, 2018, and runs thru January 31, 2019.    The Reception and Awards Presentation is Saturday, August 18, 2018 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.  (Official website: )
  • Rich Bloechl's watercolors are currently exhibited in the Campbell Library, 77 Harrison Ave, in downtown Campbell.  The artwork will be "up" in August during normal library hours. (Mon - Tue: 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM;  Wed: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM; Thu - Sat: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Sun: closed.)

Artists and their artwork:

Many artists are enjoying the shade of the ranch house and its
magnificent oak tree as they paint the ranch buildings

Brad captured the entire scene, the ranch house, ranch buildings,
and surrounding trees
The horse ranch buildings were the most popular subject:

Anna used to paint with us regularly, then she moved to Oregon.
We were delighted that she came back to paint with us.

Anna's painting of horse barn


Annie's unfinished painting of colorful wheelbarrows at the horse barn

Elaine G.

Elaine G's painting of horse barn


Indira's painting of horse barn


Kaaren's painting of horse barn


Mary painted the horse barn using the "no drawing" approach,
instead go directly to paper with brush.

Liz's painting of ranch buildilng

The ranch house/visitor center was also a very popular subject:


Lisha's painting of ranch house


Sham's painting of ranch house


Tiangong's painting of ranch house


Brad's quick pencil sketch of ranch house

The park abounds with glorious nature which made for wonderful paintings:


Carolyn uses pen and ink boldly

Carolyn invited her friend Eleanor


Cindy's painting of trees behind ranch house

Elaine G's painting of trees

Leslie L. painted with us for the second week in a row

Leslie L. was delighted to give this painting to Dan, park
interpreter, to hang in the ranch house/visitor center.

Leslie L.'s painting of trees and wild turkeys

Matt at the pond

Matt's painting of the pond

The horses came all the way from the other side of the
large turnout to see what Marilyn had for them to eat.
Unfortunately there were many signs saying "Do Not Feed".

Marilyn's photos of birds. Note the acorns in some of the holes in the
"granary tree" in the bottom left photo.

Wild turkeys

Dan Lazarus, park interpreter, welcomed us warmly
and told us a bit about the natural history of Quail Hollow Ranch 

Our artwork on display on Brad's display easel

Admiring our artwork

Admiring more of our artwork

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