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Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont October 11, 2018

This Thursday is the fourth time that Paintsites has visited Ardenwood Farm in the past five years, and understandably so. The pumpkins are the big draw for many of us but Ardenwood has so many attractions in one location that a yearly Paintsite visit makes it a worthwhile destination. One's first impression on approaching the farm is the striking orange of a field full of pumpkins, yet there is so much more beyond the entrance: the historic Victorian style Patterson House and its gardens, a beautifully preserved water tower, an amazing collection of old farm equipment, a railroad museum, a working blacksmith shop, farm animals (lots of roaming chickens) and wildlife (including rare songbirds, monarchs and one very sly fox).

For more information on the sights and programs of Ardenwood Historic Farm please visit the following link:

Upcoming paintsites: See the SCVWS website or the October Newsletter for details:
  • Thursday, Oct 18, 2018: Mountain View Main Library/Pioneer Park
  • Thursday, Oct 25, 2018: Clos LaChance winery, San Martin
  • Thursday, Nov 1, 2018: Crissy Field West Bluff, San Francisco
  • Thursday, Nov 8, Sunnyvale Baylands Park
  • Thursday, Nov 15, Paintsite at Alum Rock Park, San Jose
  • Saturday, Nov 17, Clos LaChance Winery, San Martin
  • Thursday, Nov 29, Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, San Jose
Shows & Exhibits by Paintsites Regulars:
  • Annie Haines and John Ediger each have two paintings in the California Watercolor Association's "Explore Color / Discover Color" exhibit at Dominican University, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael.   John's painting "Red Barn" won the 2nd place award. The show runs thru January 31, 2019.    (Official website:
  • Tiangong Liu's painting "Low Tide" has been accepted in the California Watercolor Association's 49th National Exhibition to be displayed Jan 11 - Feb 16, 2019 at the Harrington Gallery, Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave, Pleasanton.  (Official website: )
Paintsite Regulars on TV/YouTube:

Candy Yu was interviewed for two installments of  the "In Our Community" program which aired on KMVT15 Community Media in August.  Each installment is about 25 minutes long.  You can view the interviews at:
Edward Rooks discusses his wildlife paintings (and his interesting life) with Valentina Design Universe:

Also see Edward's Flikr album on the Ardenwood Historic Farm paintsite at:

Images of Ardenwood Farm and Artist's work:

The Patterson House
Ready, set, water! Ardenwood staff encourage school
groups to help tend the farm's Demo garden

Tiangong's watercolor sketch of the historic Patterson House
Brad's painting of an old tractor hiding in the woods

Broncha's watercolor of pumpkins and the
Farmyard Cafe

Carol's painting of the water tower

Shaowei painting in front of the Patterson House
(Photo by Edward Rooks)

Cindy's painting of a very large hay stack 

Edward multitasking: painting while waiting for
a rare warbler to land on the water fountain

Edward's painting of  the Patterson House
Lisha and Helen

Helen's painting of squash

Helen's painting of an Anglo-Nubian (floppy-eared) goat

Lisha's watercolor of a palm

(photo by Edward Rooks)

Joe's value sketch of the Granary
Joe's watercolor of the Granary
(photo by Edward Rooks)
Liz's watercolor of a fall harvest

(photo by Edward Rooks)

Marilyn's watercolor of the water tower 

Mattthew's painting of a large, weathered haystack

(photo by Edward Rooks)

Sham's watercolor of the Patterson house 

Benay's painting of corn stalks

Salinda's watercolor of Candy painting at Perry's
Pumpkin Patch
Candy at the Perry's Pumpkin Patch


Dick's painting of the Perry's Pumpkin Patch

(photo by Edward Rooks)

Jane's painting of the front of the Farmyard Cafe

Paintsite artists breaking for lunch
(photo by Edward Rooks)

Cathy holding her artwork 
Paintsite artists admiring their work
(photo by Edward Rooks)

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