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Downtown Pleasanton and CWA 49th National Exhibit, January 31, 2019

Downtown Pleasanton retains many reminders of its history.  During the Gold Rush the area was a mercantile stopover for miners seeking their fortune in the gold fields.  The transcontinental railroads rolled into Pleasanton in 1869.  The area became the agricultural center for the Amador Valley and home to the oldest horseracing track in the nation.  Pleasanton was incorporated in 1894 with Main Street as a center for business and community activity.  Main Street is now a pedestrian and artist-friendly, tree-lined street with buildings of many historic architectural styles.

It was touch and go if the rain was going to stop in time for our paintsite, but the timing turned out to be perfect – the rain stopped just in time for the freeway to be dry, and the sun popped out from time to time while we painted.

It is only one block from historic Main Street to the Firehouse Arts Center where the California Watercolor Association 49th National Exhibit was taking place.  We toured this prestigious juried exhibit as a group and were very proud to see our own paintsite regular Tiangong Liu’s painting “Low Tide” be displayed with work by former weekend paintsites coordinator Uma Kelkar and famous artists such as Mike Reardon, Thomas Schaller, and Brenda Swenson.

For more information about downtown Pleasanton see:

Upcoming Paintsites.  See the SCVWS website or the February Newsletter for details.
  • Thursday, Feb 7,  Los Altos Redwood Grove
  • Thursday, Feb 14, Location to be announced
  • Saturday, Feb 16, Stanford Red Barn
  • Thursday, Feb 21, Winchester Mystery House, San Jose
  • Thursday, Feb 28, Belgatos Park, Los Gatos
  • Thursday, Mar 7,  San Francisco Botanical Garden and "Monet: The Late Years" at the de Young museum 

Shows & Exhibits by Paintsite Regulars:
  • Tiangong Liu's painting "Low Tide" has been accepted in the California Watercolor Association's 49th National Exhibition and will be displayed through Feb 16, 2019 at the Harrington Gallery, Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave, Pleasanton.  (Official website: )
  • Laurie Barna’s painting “The Heart of Liberty” is displayed at “Art from the Heart” exhibit which runs through March 23 at Dove Gallery, Park Victoria Church, 875 S. Park Victoria Drive, Milpitas.  Laurie was featured in an article in the “Willow Glen Resident” supplement to the Mercury News:

Artists and their artwork:

Brad's watercolor of the Johnston Bldg. on Main St.
Brad, Helen, Candy and Lisha

Helen's watercolor of Main St., Pleasanton

Candy's watercolor of the 1896 Johnston Bldg.

Lisha's watercolor shows a closer view of the historic Johnston Bldg.


Annie's painting of Paintsite artists at work

Dick and Salinda with visiting family

Dick's painting of downtown Pleasanton

Salinda's painting of downtown



Jane's watercolor sketch of  a Main St. bicycle shop
Susan B-G

Susan B-G's painting of seamster at work at
Estrella Designs 


Tanvi's watercolor of one of the oldest buildings in downtown

Marilyn's line drawing of Main St., Pleasanton

Paintsite artists carefully studying the
CWA Exhibit located at the Pleasanton Firehouse Art Center

"Low Tide" by Tiangong Liu
Lunch on the grounds of the Firehouse Art Center

Paintsites Group photo on the railroad tracks

Weekend Paintsites Blog

Santa Clara Fire Museum, Santa Clara, CA  January 27, 2019

The Santa Clara Fire Museum, located at 1900 Walsh Avenue in Santa Clara, houses firefighting artifacts and memorabilia that firefighters have used since 1855.  The museum is operated by volunteers from the Saint Clare Hook & Ladder Historical Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The museum is open Sundays from noon to 5 PM.

Early photo of the fire station with their modern equipment
Photo of a hose cart
Alison's painting of the hose cart.
Weekend blog addendum posted by Dick Zunkel

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