Sunday, February 2, 2020

Don Edwards Environmental Education Center, Alviso, Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, named in honor of Congressman Edwards, offers an oasis for millions of wetland species. Its Environmental Education Center in Alviso is surrounded by uplands, marshes, salt ponds, and a freshwater tidal slough. After the morning mist burned off most artists made for the lookouts and boardwalks on the west side of the Center. At least one painter took advantage of the 'bird’s eye' view afforded by the building's observation tower, while others chose the pavilion's excellent southeasterly views, which also turned out to be the perfect spot to eat lunch and display our art work. Many thanks to the Education Center's friendly and knowledgeable staff for allowing our group to paint at the Education Center and for taking time to explain some of the site's features. For more on the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge please check out the following link:

Several of the photos taken at our Paintsites are taken by naturalist, artist and photographer, Edward Rooks. Please check out his Flickr album for more wonderful photos of this paintsite:

Upcoming paintsites:  See the SCVWS website or the February Newsletter for details:
  • Thursday, Feb 6, Arastradero Preserve Parking lot, Palo Alto
  • Thursday, Feb 13, Santa Cruz Arboretum, Santa Cruz
  • Thursday, Feb 20, San Mateo County Courthouse, Redwood City
  • Saturday, Feb 22, The Alameda, San Jose
  • Thursday, Feb 27, The Alameda, San Jose
Artists and their artwork:

Tanvi's watercolor of the Don Edwards Environmental Education Center, Alviso

Tanvi's watercolor of the slough painted from the levee

Tanvi, keeping company with the cormorants and white pelicans 

Looking southwest towards Sunnyvale and Mountain View

Looking southeast towards Alviso

Alison and Elaine

Alison's watercolor of the marsh grasses and reflections

Elaine's watercolor of the refuge's marshlands

Brad's sketch of the view looking across marsh towards Mountain View and Sunnyvale


Caroline and Tanvi at the Center's pavilion

Caroline's painting of the view from the upper level of
the Education Center's observation tower 


Dick's watercolor of the boardwalk and marsh


 Salinda's watercolor of the boardwalk and Alviso marsh


Susan's watercolor of the Education Center and the

Susan's second watercolor of the slough and marshlands


Indira's watercolor of the Alviso marsh

Edward's watercolor of the marsh painted from the path behind the Center

Kathy's sketch of coots swimming in the slough

Mindy's ink sketch of a wetland shrub

Mindy's watercolor sketch of a native flower

Mindy's sketch of Toyon berries 

Jane S, Paintsites Co-coordinator

Jane S's watercolor sketch of the wetlands


Sham's watercolor of the view from the deck


Toni's watercolor of the wetlands from the lookout

Wanda's watercolor and pastel painting of the slough
Paintsites artists display artwork in the pavilion

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