Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five Wounds Portuguese National Church, Alum Rock

Painting on the street is not always popular - trying to create art is hard enough without adding the hazards of traffic and pedestrians! Kudos to all those artists who turned out. I think everyone agreed it is a wonderful building to paint. We also learned that the father of one our members was responsible for the ironwork inside the Church, so next time you are in the area check it out. Sylvia, Paintsite co-chair.

By Laurie Barna

By Janice Faulstich

By Kaaren Marquez

By Brad Santos
 Normally not given more than a quick glance when driving down busy Santa Clara St. or from Hwy 101, taking the time to sit and paint it made me realize what a handsome church Five Wounds truly is.  And, as always, seeing the many other fine paintings was inspirational, and educational.  I learned not to sit adjacent to a busy bus stop unless I want intermittent blasts of diesel exhaust to quickly dry my paper.  Brad Santos

By Sylvia Waddell
This was done on a 4 x 6"postcard - its the smallest painting I've ever done, although its more of a drawing with a few daubs of paint. Sylvia Waddell

By Lisha Wang

By Dick Zunkel

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  1. Thanks to Sylvia and Jenny for another great day of painting en plein air!