Thursday, August 11, 2011

Villa Maria Picnic Area, Stevens Creek County Park

Here are our efforts from the visit a couple of weeks ago to Villa Maria Picnic area in Stevens Creek Park. There were lots of trees, and some views of the hills and of course we had another glorious day weatherwise. Enjoy the art.
by Caroline Garbarino

By Brad Santos
A sentinel Eucalyptus at the entrance to the Villa Maria day-use area and a cloudless, perfectly clear blue sky prompted me to negative paint the sky first and then fill in the tree.  I'd hoped for more positive results but, all-in-all, another great day with the plein-air group.  While we painted, behind us, a number of young day-campers were learning the finer points of place-kicking from an enthusiastic and encouraging counselor --- reminded me of Jenny moving us along on a hike-and-sketch excursion.
Brad Santos

By Lisha Wang

By Sylvia Waddell
I was drawn to a little arrangement of fallen limbs with eucalyptus trees behind. In my impatience I ended up with a lot of backruns in my washes so I had to go back in and try and make something out of them at home. I must learn to be more patient! Sylvia Waddell

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