Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gamble Gardens

Laurie Barna

"Daisy Delights" by Caroline Garbarino
 This site was such a wonderful experience -- a cool day, warm friends, and wise teachers! Caroline Garbarino

Anna Jacke

Brad Santos
Mercifully, the glorious bed of white phlox had finished blooming so I wasn't tempted by its' siren call to "paint me" and was spared yet another failure there.     And the Rouge Vif d'Etampes (Cinderella) pumpkin was still far from carriage size (makes you wonder if people in Cinderella's day were much smaller or the pumpkins much larger) so I passed on that too and went the safe route and painted the house --- not as stately as old buildings at some recent paint outs but very serene.  Brad Santos

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  1. Lovely work, everyone. Brad, your use of perspective is awesome.

    Mary Paquet