Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ardenwood Historical Farm

Last week we enjoyed a gorgeous day at Ardenwood Historical Farm. This site is full of very paintable views; the farm house, animals, barns, and of course rows of orange pumpkins and the distant hills. We had a lovely gathering at lunch and shared our artwork. It's great to see all the different approaches and how we can learn from each other. (There are lots of you out there who didn't send me your paintings. Don't be shy ...its never too late to send them in!)

Laurie Barna

Green Barns at Ardenwood, Jenny Tero

Mary Raftery

Sylvia Waddell
Ardenwood Historic Farm,  Brad Santos
A beautiful afternoon, thousands of pumpkins, hundreds of happy children (monitored by a handful of frazzled parents and teachers), a dozen artists, and some great paintings!


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  1. Laurie - great painting of the house! You're a brave painter. Its so complex a view most people would be put off doing that as a plein air painting.