Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cupertino Memorial Park, December 15th

Two weeks ago our hearty band braved gale force winds in Santa Cruz. This time we were tested with a grey, gloomy, and bitterly (at least for us native Californians) cold day at Memorial Park in Cupertino.   But we hung in there and painted!  Several of us painted the small pavilion on what would normally be an island in the middle of the ponds -- if the ponds hadn't been drained. We chose it not only because it was interesting but because we could quickly find shelter in it if it started raining. Brad Santos

Mary Raftery

Caroline Garbarino

Brad Santos

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  1. I was sorry I couldn't be there, but with your description of the weather, maybe I should be glad to have missed it! Very nice work from Brad and Mary.