Sunday, January 15, 2012

Palo Alto Baylands, January 5th

For our first paintsite of 2012 we painted at Palo Alto Baylands. It was sunny and very peaceful, apart from the occasional small plane buzzing overhead. A large Egret fished right in front of us and lots of other birds busied themselves in the water and reeds. After lunch the tide went out and presented a whole new view.

Caroline Garborino

Jane Saltman
Brad Santos
After enduring the near blizzard conditions at the Cupertino Paint-Out before Christmas and weeks of greyish Spare-the-Air days since, Sylvia, one of our Weather Goddesses (Jenny, of course, being the other), ordered up a clear, sunny, and unseasonably warm day for us to paint the popular Palo Alto Baylands.  Some of the salt marsh plants are an interesting shade of rusty-orange -- something of an unusual color in a landscape.  A bonus: a high tide and calm conditions made for distinct reflections in the sloughs.   And, yes, those are waterfowl flying over my landscape, not UFOs.  Brad Santos

Sylvia Waddell


  1. What a beautiful array of paintings! Sorry I couldn't be there, as it looks to have been a perfect day for plein air.

  2. So sorry I was under the weather and couldn't make it this day. Wonderful art created among one of the world's best meetings of land and salt water. These paintings are nostalgic for me. In 2008, I did my very first plein air with SCVWS at this very spot.