Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rancho San Antonio, Thursday June 7th 2012

We are so blessed with wonderful parks to visit in the bay area and this day was perfect weatherwise.

Leslie Grimm
A few weeks ago we had a plein aire lesson on drawing correct perspective, and were given a special plexiglass tool as an aid.  I tried it on this old barn and it worked!  But it took so long to sketch that I had to finish coloring it at home.  But I was quite pleased that the perspective looked reasonably close to the real thing! Leslie

Leslie Grimm - Rancho Tree
I was walking on the trail to the farm when I saw this wonderful tree, which survives despite being so hollowed out.  I sketched it with an ink pen and colored it in with "value" markers. Leslie

Herching Ku
 My first painting with paintsites at Rancho San Antonio. I had a great time with scvws friends. Herching

Caroline Garborino
A breakthrough! I finally finished a painting in one session! Could the secret be getting there on time?With a little computer magic, my deer photos came out great. Thanks again for a wonderful adventure. Caroline

Brad Santos

Another perfect paint-out day had the group strung out from the model airplane hilltop, thru the meadow , along the trail and thru the woods, onto the old farmstead, and beyond. A number of the many hikers asked if the park had been 'invaded' by artists since there seemed to be so many of us.    Having painted the barn and some of the smaller buildings in a prior paint out, I chose the old tractor with the spiked, positively medieval looking drive wheels. Brad

Dick Zunkel

Laurie Barna

Sorry I missed all of you --I got there late, and decided to paint Mary Knoll Seminary because it looked so beautiful from my little concrete platform next to the road. Laurie

Marilyn Perry


  1. All of you made beautiful paintings. Leslie-I love what you did with the markers!

  2. Wow, beautiful work was done while I was off vacationing. Welcome to the group, Herching. The group that does paintsites are the very best people. Hope to get to meet you soon.