Sunday, July 8, 2012

Allied Arts, Menlo Park, June 21st 2012

Allied Arts is always a beautiful place to paint and on this day we had a record turnout for a paintsite with 25 artists! Here we are all having lunch.

Caroline Garborino

I felt the Allied Arts garden entrance made an intriguing metaphor for self-discovery. The event was enchanting! Thanks again for a fantasy paint out.  Caroline

Leslie Grimm
There was so much to choose from at this beautiful site.  I chose one of the large urns near the entrance. A few years ago the urns were covered with ivy, but the head gardener, Kathleen, removed the ivy and landscaped around them.  The big-leaf green plants are called Winter-blooming Vergenia (if I spelled that right).  A few of them still had there dark pink blossoms even though winter was over.  Leslie

Anna Jacke

Uma Kelkar

Mary Paquet

"My third painting is of some of the lovely flowers near the fountain.  I used quite a bit of color on these white flowers to suggest the shadows and texture of the petals."
Another great day of painting with friends. Mary

Dick Zunkel

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