Monday, December 3, 2012

Joseph D. Grant County Park Hike & Sketch, November 29, 2012

Wow!   Maybe the best Hike & Sketch ever.   Or at least the most adventurous.   We braved the weather (wrapping up our critique just as the first raindrops from the big storm started falling) and a fearsome pack (herd?) of wild pigs:  blocking our trail and heading directly towards us, we started a slow retreat.   But Jenny stared them down and they fled in disarray --- their piggy red eyes glowing with malice no match for her steely greys.    (I'd post my photo of the confrontation but for some reason my camera was shaking and the image is quite blurred.)      The views across Hall's Valley made it all worthwhile.

For additional information about the Joseph D. Grant County Park, see:

Jane Saltman

View heading back to the parking lot. Although we only saw our pesky friends in the distance, I couldn’t resist adding them when I got home.    Jane

Yan Zheng
 Meadow View.   Yan

Dick Zunkel
 Meadow View.  Dick 

Jane Saltman
Old Ranch Hotel, Joseph D. Grant Ranch - signs of wild boar digging up the dirt in the foreground.    Jane

Brad Santos

The old ranch house / hotel was a surprisingly elegant structure in such a rustic setting.  Brad

Sylvia & Park Ranger tidying up before we start
We've all fiddled around with a still life before we put brush to paper.   Here Sylvia and an accommodating Ranger work on a much larger scale:  raking up leaves in front of the grand old ranch house.

Sylvia Waddell
Brrr, it was cold sitting around painting - hence the leaf raking to get warm! This was a fun hike and sketch though, and the scenery was beautiful. This park has a real feeling of wilderness. Wildlife abounds and the bustle of silicon valley seems a million miles away. Sylvia

Jane Saltman
Hiking, sketching, painting, raking leaves, intimidating wild boars -- we worked up quite an appetite. (Clockwise from lower left: Dick, Yan, Sylvia, Brad, Jenny)

Jenny Tero
This was the view from the parking lot and the distant path the route the wild boar were taking later on.  They didn't look threatening until they started moving in our general direction.  And they were really moving fast, at which point our earlier bravado was thrown aside and we ran too.  Fortunately they turned off the path and headed up to the hills.   Jenny

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