Monday, March 18, 2013

Picchetti Winery, Cupertino, March 16, 2013

Above the still fog enshrouded valley floor, the old Picchetti homestead and winery was clear, bright and sunny.   We initially had the picnic area adjacent to the old barns and tasting room to ourselves but by noon were joined by a number of young families with lots of small children.   Running (and falling), climbing (and falling), the children were a delight to observe as they gave such energy to the scene which went from serenely antique to whirlingly alive and youthful.   What's even better is that the children were such appreciative critics of our paintings.

For more information about the Picchetti Winery and the Open Space Preserve, check out:

Saturday Plein Air Painters
Laurie Barna

Brad Santos

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