Saturday, March 9, 2013

Calero County Park, March 7, 2013

The Calero Lake paintout was one of those days when Mother Nature couldn't decide if it was a Winter or a Spring day.    We had Winter skies: cold, mostly grey, sometimes blustery, and occasionally threatening with some wonderful cloud formations boiling up over the hills.  But a decidedly Spring landscape with bright green hillsides, early oaks leafing out, even a wary coyote checking out what these early-in-the-season humans were up to.     And a bonus - a sundog ---- fun to observe but certainly difficult to paint!

For more information about Calero County Park, check out:

Note - there is a parking fee for the boat ramp area; parking in the equestrian area is free.

Anna Jacke

Photo by Anna Jacke
Brad Santos
Jenny, just back from Tierra del Fuego, thoughtfully brought some Cape Horn like weather with her to share with the paintout group.    And, like the hearty mariners who braved those frigid latitudes, we not only persevered, we overcame the elements and triumphed.  Brad

Jenny Tero

This was my first attempt.  One advantage of the constant cold wind that was blowing, was that the surface of the water was ruffled up into a steely gray sheet, so we didn't have to mess with reflections - a definite bonus.  Jenny Tero

Jenny Tero
 My fourth version attempted to block in the patches of trees so they didn't look so spotty (inspired by some of our other painters), so I finished up with a more patchwork-like version - time to try this out with fabric!   Jenny Tero 
(May '13 - now it's done, see:

Sylvia Waddell
Another fun day of painting - I loved the skies as the storm clouds went by. Sylvia

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