Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Site Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard, Feb 16, 2013

Artists at the weekend pleinair paintsite, Feb 16, 2013

First time in four months we painted under dry conditions at the weekend pleinair paintsite, under diffused sunlight and comfortable temperatures. About a dozen artists came to the Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard and painted a medley of landscapes. Over lunch we shared our paintings, at various stages of completion, and enjoyed the insightful comments that were made by fellow artists.
It was a great day. I learned a lot and look forward to painting together again! - Rajit

Brad Santos
This is the third time in the last couple of years I've painted the dormant Apricot trees at the Sunnyvale Heritage Orchard.    I intended to focus on just one tree this time but the interesting perspective of the rank & file of all the trees intrigued me.     We'll have to go back at least three more times:  when they're in bloom, again when they've leafed out and finally in the fall when the leaves change color. - Brad

Laurie Barna

Jean Massey
Sitting in a plowed field sketching mustard and a tree was delightful.  My first experience with the SCVWS weekend paintsite was memorable.   -Jean

Anna Jacke

Anna Jacke

It was a beautiful day in the dormant apricot orchards.  For me the challenge was painting the stark fruit trees.  I chose one particular tree that looked as if it was ready for a new season.  I did like the magnolia tree in the courtyard where we met up later to view our works and a bite to eat.  Hopefully, the next visit to the orchard will be more "fruitful." -Anna

Rajit Chandra
I wasn't the only one interested in painting this wagon leaning by the side of the orchard! It was an interesting subject with a range of colors and shapes, reflected light and shadows. -Rajit



  1. Looks like you had a full house! Makes it sadder to have missed this!

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