Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fremont Older Open Space Preserve Hike & Sketch, January 31, 2013

We absolutely could not have had a more perfect day for the first Hike & Sketch of 2013!  The Paintouts over the past three months have presented us with some challenging weather (to say nothing of fierce wildlife) --- but no such challenges this time.      The last Fremont Older Hike & Sketch several years ago was sparsely attended as only Jenny & Sylvia braved the elements to produce some wonderful atmospheric, "rainy day" paintings.   And although one might not recognize it was the same location, the dozen artists participating this time produced some equally fine paintings --- again proving just what a talented plein air artist can produce in only 20 minutes!

For more information about the Fremont Older Open Space Preserve, check:
Jenny Tero
A beautiful sunny, warm day, just right for hiking – who would believe it was January. The view was lovely – such rich dark shadows in the trees, and layer after layer of receding hills beyond.   Jenny

Jenny Tero
This is a glimpse of the Ranger's House on the tarmac road back to the parking lot - I believe it was the original home of Fremont Older.  I left the middle distance trees in pen and ink, because I hoped they added to the sense of the house peaking out from the foliage.   Jenny

Leslie Grimm
There were several luxury homes visible from the trail that overlooked the cities below.  This one caught my eye.  I hadn't tried to sketch a city seen from a distance before, but hopefully this suggests it!     Leslie
Brad Santos

 I got a little carried away with the old stone retaining walls and steps leading to the Ranger's House when I meant to focus on the beautiful Madrone (Manzanita?) -- in full bloom, its twisted, peeling red limbs positively glowed where the light fell on it.    Brad

Fremont Older 2013- Sylvia Waddell
The vistas from Fremont Older are a joy, and this was a perfect day to paint them. Last time Jenny and I were hiking here it rained. See painting below. Sylvia
From Hunters Point, May 2010 - Sylvia Waddell

Caroline Garbarino

This paintout let me see a new side of Fremont Older Open Space.
You "take me places where I've never been before!"   One observer of my painting
thought that aliens were about to land.   (They must have waited until after I left...)
Thanks again for the tea party,   Caroline


  1. lovely watercolors, to clarify the "Big House" as we called it when Mrs. "O" Older lived there is lived is a private residence, not a ranges house which is the old ranch house closest to the parking lot. The Manzanita is wonderful, please tell the artist it is Arctostaphylos manzanita "Dr. Hurd" which i pruned for years and love dearly. Thank you for sharing your adventure to my old home place. Jeffry Harris