Saturday, February 9, 2013

Santana Row, San Jose, February 7, 2013

The Thursday Paintout group covers the Valley like no one else:  One week we're rugged outdoors persons painting the hills and mountains above the Valley; the next week we're cool sophisticates working on urban-scapes in the heart of the Valley in upscale Santana Row.      Considering the weather forecast, we had a fine turnout for a morning which started out cold.     And then it started raining.     Undeterred, we found cover where we could until we retired (we did not retreat) for a hot lunch in one of the chic cafes.      (Special thanks to Sylvia for arranging with Santana Row management for permission to paint there.)

For general information about Santana Row, see: 
(The specific area where we painted was the Chess area between The Vintage Wine Bar and El Jardin in the wide median at the south end of the complex.)

Leslie Grimm

I found a place under cover from the rain to paint this charming fountain featuring mosaic geckos.  Because of the dampness the paint wouldn't dry enough to add details, so I finished it at home.  Despite the cold it was a pleasant morning in a beautiful area with other hardy painters for company!    Leslie

Sylvia Waddell
The rain started soon after I got out my paintbrushes - you can see the drop marks! So I moved undercover to finish this one as best I could. It was so damp the paint just wouldn't dry! We had a great turnout for a cold rainy day - 9 artists - and boy, did we enjoy the hot soup at mid-day! Sylvia

Caroline Garbarino

I'm so impressed with our hardy plein air group! I was astonished to
see artists painting under only a leafy canopy. Sue Newberry made an irresistable
model with her visually vibrating blue and red rain apparel. Thanks for another
grand adventure.   Caroline 

Marilyn Perry

I drew and inked my painting on site, and added the color at home, because the arbor that gave me refuge from the rain was not perfect, and every once in a while, a big drop of water landed on my table or sketchbook.  It was very fun to sit and sketch while watching the rain, yet I was happy to stop to have hot soup.   Marilyn

Brad Santos
I always associate Gothic buildings with damp, cold, grey days and bundled up, hunched-over people scurrying to find a warm spot indoors.    This paintout had it all:  The Gothic "Vintage Wine Bar", appropriately gloomy weather, and both shoppers and artists keen on finding that cozy spot indoors when their tasks were done.   Brad 

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