Saturday, May 11, 2013

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, May 9th, 2013

We added in a visit to the Rose Garden because the weather this year has produced such abundant displays of roses everywhere you go.  At the Rose Garden the display was magnificent.  Every bush was overlaiden with a profusion of flowers and the overal affect of all the colors in their separate beds was a delight.  On top of that, the weather was perfect for painting - full sun, but cool enough to be comfortable.    Jenny

Marilyn Perry
What a beautiful garden and what a beautiful day! We are so lucky to have such a fantastic garden so close by and easy to get to. There were lots of people visiting the garden, and two of them stopped by to chat and they both said that seeing us there painting in the garden added to the ambience and their enjoyment of the garden.    Marilyn

Jenny Tero
It was difficult to find a location where you could get a view of the many rows of roses - this was looking out from the central fountain. I liked the contrast with the redwoods behind and the little "hut".    Jenny
Jenny Tero
This was from the small hilly ridge beneath the redwoods after lunch when the sun had moved around.  From that higher vantage point you could get a sense of the overall size and shape of the garden and the full color range of the gorgeous roses.  Jenny
Dick Zunkel
The garden was on display in brilliant sunlight contrasted by cool shadows under the trees.  I began painting alone but was soon surrounded by many onlookers, 3 feet tall and less.  To paint plein air is to remain focused.  Dick

Bonnie Sandler
I actually couldn't make it to the paintsite thesame day as the rest of the group. I went the day after. What a lovely park! I think I shouldhave included some people and a park bench to give the viewer something concrete to look at. There's so much detail.
In paintings I've done since this one, I've begun to group the flowers into bunches rather than try to paint them separately. Its just too busy.   Bonnie

Caroline Garborino
Jenny photographs a sea of roses.  Caroline


  1. Nice work everyone. Sorry I had a conflict. The rose garden is such an urban treasure. When you are there, it is hard to comprehend that it is surrounded by a city of a million people.

  2. Beautiful. You captured the pure essence of my most favorite place in Silicon Valley. :)