Friday, July 19, 2013

Anna Cook's "La Casa De Las Campanas" Mexican Garden, Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painting in a private garden is always special --- it's usually more relaxed, quieter and generally more comfortable than painting in public spaces.    And painting in a private garden lovingly designed and maintained by a talented artist, plants-woman, and gracious hostess (that's all one person) is even more special.   Off-the-charts special in fact.    So it's no wonder that a day in Anna's garden was so highly anticipated and so well attended.     With a wealth of subject matter, focusing and editing was a real challenge.   The good news, for those lacking self-discipline and anxious to have another go at it, is that we've been invited back.   But don't count on seeing the same things next time --- Anna's garden is constantly growing, evolving, changing --- it's a magical place!

Upcoming events:
  • Ice Cream Social, Los Altos - Saturday, August 3rd (RSVP by July 20th)
  • Redwood Grove, Los Altos - Thursday Paintsites - Thursday, August 1st
See SCVWS website or newsletter for details.

When we weren't painting, we were eating...
And when we weren't eating, we shared a critique ..

The following snapshots were taken during the critique --- please visit again when the completed and accurately scanned and attributed images are displayed:

 Here's some of the the finished paintings:

Dick Zunkel
What a great place to paint... so many subjects and interesting artifacts.  As a bonus, Anna gave us a tour of her home/gallery. The blue door was a favorite subjects of several artists. I rendered my version in a vignette and line drawing with water soluble calligraphy ink. Then I applied wet on wet color washes followed by dry brush accents.    Dick

Liz Siegel
I just loved this old blue door in the Mexican garden...watercolor pencils.     Liz 

Anna Jacke

Anna Jacke
I finished one painting in the backyard and began two others in the front courtyard before lunch, one of colorful statuary and the other of the front door.  I was painting on 300lb paper but found that it took longer to dry than expected and had to finish them at home.   There was so much to choose from.  Anna's house is always such a delight to explore and paint.  Thank you, Anna, for your hospitality and sharing your treasures with us.  Anna

Janice Santos
I don't often join the plein air group but I'm so glad I decided to for this outing.  Anna's garden is such a joy to experience and she is a wonderful hostess.  Wonderful memories of a delightful day.    Janice

Grace Tang
Anna's garden was incredibly entertaining. Every corner was a piece of art and I did not know where to begin!   I was totally carried away by the street scenes along the tall concrete walls of the backyard; the waterfalls, the HOT foods, marguerita place, the market place, the Cerveza cantina....every piece of art was so harmoniously put together; I felt like I have just been to Mexico!!!    Grace

Brad Santos
Lots of frogs who would be princes lined up for a kiss from a princess.  In the "Mixing Greens" workshop last year Jenny & Sylvia said we should have pthalo green on our palettes but never use it.    And I haven't ---  until today --- and even then it could have been brighter and more unnatural to capture the brilliant glazes on some of Anna's frogs.  Brad

Jeanne & Anna Cook

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