Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Paintsites, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, July 20, 2013

Marilyn Perry was our volunteer leader with nine artists in attendance. The cloudless day provided brilliant sunlight with dark shadows in shaded areas. The site has many interesting views of the museum and surrounding gardens. We enjoyed a lunch and a showing of artists' work in a shady spot with beautiful guitar music provided by a musician sitting at a nearby table.

The Rosicrucian Research Library

Anna Jacke
"As always, the architecture at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is outstanding.   The Research Library and the kneeling scribe were a challenge to paint but inspiring to look at.   A beautiful location."   Anna

Dick Zunkel

Marilyn Perry
There were many wonderful painting subjects at the Rosicrucian, but I selected this shrine because I could sit at a cafe table under a tree with dense foliage.  When I thought it couldn't get any better, a guitarist arrived and serenaded me with very gentle, peaceful music for at least an hour. 

Grace Tang
It was a beautiful morning to visit the Egyptian Museum. It brings you to an appreciation of one of the most influential civilizations throughout history. The architecture is so unique and I started with the Peace Garden....      Grace Tang

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